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November 1998, Volume 5, Number 11

The Americas

Congress: H-1Bs Approved; Farm Workers Rejected
There were two very different outcomes for two groups of largely California employers in the final votes on the $487 billion omnibus spending bill

INS: Sanctions, Detention, Fees
The INS has a $3.8 billion FY99 budget, up from $1.1. billion in FY94. The INS has 29,000 employees, of whom two-thirds work in enforcement. In FY98,

Integration: Miami, California
Miami. The National Immigration Forum released a report, "Miami: Cosmopolitan Capital of the Americas," that concluded that immigrants helped

Mexico and Central America
Rather few Mexicans who have become naturalized US citizens have applied to recover their Mexican citizenship and become dual nationals. Since March

Canada: Immigration Down
Immigration to Canada is expected to be reduced up to 25,000 due to the Asian financial crisis, from the planned 225,000 to 200,000. Immigration


Malaysia: Crackdown, Recruitment
Deputy Home Minister Ong Ka Ting in October 1998 reported that there were more than a million foreigners working in Malaysia and that 800,000 had

Japan: Nikkeijin
Nearly 230,000 Brazilians of Japanese ancestry, Nikkeijin, have settled in Japan over the past eight years. According to Hello Work, the number of

Korea's Foreign Workers
The unemployment rate in Korea hit a record 7.7 percent in Fall 1998, meaning that 1.5 million of Korea's 19.5 million workers were jobless. In

Philippines: Emigration Stable
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration reported that the number of Filipinos sent overseas to work in the first six months of 1998 fell

Singapore: Caning for Illegals
The Singapore government announced on October 5 that it will impose mandatory caning for illegal immigrants and people who abet illegal entry. The

Hong Kong: Illegal Sweep, Maids Protest
The Hong Kong government launched a 24-hour sweep against illegal immigration on October 27, arresting 130 suspected illegal immigrants. Police spot

Taiwan Sets Up New Immigration Bureau
Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior proposed an immigration and emigration bureau to handle permanent resident visas for foreigners married to citizens


Germany: Citizenship Changes
In October, the new SPD-Green coalition government announced its first major policy initiative, reforming Germany's 1913 naturalization law, the

UK: Asylum, Enforcement
Asylum. On October 8, the UK began to require Slovak citizens to obtain visas to enter or transit the UK; the move was taken to reduce the

Sweden's Foreigners
About 10 percent of Sweden's nine million residents are non-Nordic foreigners, and Sweden is grappling with their integration. The Swedish government

Eastern Europe, ex-USSR
More and more migrants headed for Germany or France are being arrested in Hungary and the Czech Republic, and some are choosing to stay in Eastern

France: 63,000 Rejected
One of the first actions of the newly elected Socialist government in 1997 was an amnesty some illegal foreigners with ties to France, such as

Spain, Italy: Smuggling
Spain. In an effort to crack down on illegal immigration, Spanish authorities plan to round up foreign-born street children. Many of the


New Zealand
New Zealand Immigration Minister Tuariki Delamere announced changes in October 1998 that would remove some of the 1995 restrictions on immigration.

South Africa
Violence against foreigners in South Africa is increasing, as South Africans of all races begin to see foreigners as competing for scarce jobs and

Foreign Workers in the Middle East
Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government announced that 920,375 illegal foreign workers had left the country between April and September, 1998.

Australia: Hanson Aftermath
The re-elected government argued after the October 1998 election, in which Pauline Hanson's One Nation party received only eight percent of the vote,

NBER, CEPR Immigration Papers
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