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February 1999, Volume 6, Number 2

The Americas

800,000 Immigrants, Lifers, Detention
President Clinton proposed $4.3 billion for the INS in FY00, up from $4 billion in FY99. The INS, created in 1891, has 29,000 employees in three

Welfare Down, California Poll
The Clinton administration is requesting $1.3 billion over five years to restore health and disability benefits and Food Stamps to legal immigrants

Hurricane Mitch
News reports from Mexico and Central America continued to speculate about a "mass migration north" from Central America in the wake of Hurricane

INS: Sanctions
The INS is reportedly de-emphasizing enforcement of employer sanctions laws and instead focusing on deterring smuggling and exploitation of

Canada: Reform, Integration
Reform. Immigration Minister Lucienne Robillard in January 1999 introduced 60 pages of proposed changes to Canada's 1978 Immigration Act that

Mexico: Economy, Progresa
Governor Gray Davis traveled to Mexico in early February, reflecting the growing economic ties between California and Mexico, and the fact that there

Census, Hispanics
The US Supreme Court in January 1999 ordered that the 2000 Census be conducted in the accustomed manner, with an effort to enumerate each person

Cuba, Haiti
About 150 Cubans and Haitians landed in South Florida in the third weekend of January 1999, perhaps the leading edge of another wave of migrants

Temporary Workers
Temporary Workers. More US employers are complaining of labor shortages, and asking for changes in the H-2B program, which permits the entry

South America
The 1980s are considered to have been a "lost decade" in Mexico, Central and South America: a time of debt crises, unemployment and emigration.


Hong Kong and China
On January 29, Hong Kong beefed up its border controls, concerned that there could be a mass influx of mainland Chinese after a landmark court

Korea: Illegals Up
The Korean government estimates that the number of foreigners illegally present fell from 147,000 in January 1998 to 92,000 in August 1998, but rose

Malaysia: Employer Sanctions
Malaysia in March 1999 plans to introduce joint liability for violations of laws prohibiting employment of illegal workers by amending the

Taiwan: Foreign Workers
In December, 1998, the Labor Committee of Taiwan issued new rules to reduce the reliance of Taiwanese companies on foreign workers. Firms that have


EU: Asylum
The UNHCR estimated that 450,000 foreigners applied for asylum in 29 industrial countries in 1998, including 366,000 foreigners or 80 percent who

Germany: Dual Nationality
The SPD-Green government on January 13, 1999 introduced its proposed law to ease naturalization requirements and to permit dual nationality. The

Italy: Immigrants and Crime
The murder of a 78-year old priest by a Moroccan in Ponte Chiasso, Italy on January 20 has stirred up the debate about the relationship of

France: National Front, Headscarves
The National Front split in January 1999, with Bruno Megret (a University of California Berkeley graduate) elected to head a new National

UK: Asylum, Smuggling
There were 46,015 asylum applications in the UK in 1998, up from 32,500 in 1997; the previous record was 44,840 applications in 1991. About 75

Immigration in Eastern Europe
Poland. Some 280 million people entered Poland through land ports in 1998, and Polish border guards detained 3,500 foreigners attempting to

Cyprus, Turkey, Greece
The Cyprus government has reached agreement with Lebanon to stem illegal migration. Cyprus is 200 km, or 125 miles from Lebanon, and in January a


Australia: New Zealand Migration
Australia's legal immigration levels are at a 10-year high, with much of the increase attributed to migrants from New Zealand. Australian Bureau of

Immigration in Africa
Botswana. More than 1,900 Namibian refugees from the Caprivi Strip have crossed into neighboring Botswana since October, 1998. The Namibian

Israel, Iran
Israel. Some 46,020 immigrants arrived in Israel from the ex-USSR in 1998, down from 54,621 in 1997, bringing the total to 750,000 since 1989.

US Immigration Debated
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