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March 1999, Volume 6, Number 3

The Americas

INS: Detention, Removal, Border
Detention. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 requires the INS to detain foreigners who commit crimes

Mitch, Mexico, Puebla
Hurricane Mitch. Central Americans are reportedly being apprehended in Texas and released, despite the statement of INS Commissioner Doris

INS: Budget and Management
President Clinton's proposed $1.8 trillion budget for FY00 includes $4.3 billion for the INS; if it is approved by Congress, the INS would grow from

Welfare, Labor Market
The Clinton administration proposed a $1.3 billion, five-year plan to restore welfare benefits to some immigrants who entered the US after August 22,

Canada: Hong Kong, Asylum
Hong Kong is the number one source of Canadian immigrants--300,000 Hong Kong immigrants arrived in Canada between 1983 and 1998, with a peak 44,000

Cuba, Haiti
Cubans and Haitians continued to arrive on Florida beaches in February 1999. In 1998, the Coast Guard intercepted 1,025 Cubans and 1,206 Haitians at

New York: Africans, Mexicans
Africans. Four white undercover police in New York City investigating a series of rapes and robberies killed with 41 shots an unarmed Black

Argentina: Crackdown
In January, 1999, Argentine President Carlos Menem said that unemployment and rising crime in Buenos Aires were "closely connected to illegal


Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong. In January 1999, a unanimous Court of Final Appeals ruling held that the Hong Kong Legislature's 1997 law requiring exit permits

Malaysia: New Migrants
On February 11, the Malaysian Immigration Department announced that 109,425 Indonesians and Thais could enter to work in manufacturing and plantation

Japan: Koreans, Illegals
In 1990, some of the Koreans living permanently in Japan sent their alien registration cards to the government to protest a 1955 law that requires

Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs is considering a proposal to lift restrictions on employing foreign workers in retirement homes. Currently, foreign


EU: From Schengen to Amsterdam
It has been a decade since the cities of Schengen and Dublin became associated with the evolution of European immigration and refugee policy. The

Germany: Dual Nationality Change
Seven of the German states (Laender) are holding elections in 1999. On February 7 in Hesse, the first of the state elections replaced the eight-year

Italy: Another Legalization
Historically, an amnesty for illegal immigrants is followed by a second amnesty. Italy is no exception. Italy in 1998 launched a two-step amnesty:

UK, Ireland
Asylum. Home Secretary Jack Straw in February 1999 proposed more changes to the UK's immigration and asylum system, including giving the

Turkey, Greece, Cyprus
Turkey. Abdullah Ocalan, the 50-year old leader of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), was abducted by Turkish commandos in Kenya on February

Denmark, Sweden
Denmark. Denmark has 363,422 foreign residents, they are 6.8 percent of the population. About half of the foreigners are from other European


Australia: Immigration Down
In 1997-98, some 77,327 immigrants arrived, down 10 percent from 1996-97, and about half the peak 145,316 who arrived in 1988-89. However, the number

South Africa: Migrants
Human rights organizations are investigating allegations that farmers in the northern provinces of South Africa are firing South African workers so

Middle East: Oman, Israel
Oman. Oman is restricting some jobs to nationals in order to reduce the country's reliance on foreign labor. On February 3, the Omani

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TPS after Mitch: Plan for Returns
By: Susan Martin and Andrew Schoenholtz, Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University