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June 1999, Volume 6, Number 6

The Americas

INS: Border Patrol, Sanctions
Border Patrol. The Border Patrol had its 75th anniversary on May 28, 1999; it was founded in 1924 as an agency of the US Department of Labor.

California: 187, Welfare, Chinese Students
California Governor Gray Davis asked the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to mediate the legal issues to be resolved with Proposition 187. Davis said

Central Americans, Caribbean
Central America. The Clinton administration on May 20 announced revised regulations under which the INS would presume that certain Salvadorans

Courts, INS: Detention and Deportation
Detention. The INS in mid-May released five Cuban felons and pledged to review the cases of 3,500 other prisoners from Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia

Chinese to Pacific Islands
Guam Governor Carl Gutierrez in May 1999 called the arrival of several thousand Chinese migrants in the past few months "a crisis of national

Mexico: Remittances
Remittances. Western Union and Orlandi Valuta, subsidiaries of First Data Corp., and MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc. in May settled

New York: Police on Trial
The trial of four New York police officers accused of brutalizing Haitian security guard Abner Louima in August 1997 suggested that New York police

Canada: Refugees, Labor
Refugees. Canada in 1995 began to charge immigrants a landing fee of C$975 to cover administrative costs and to cover the cost of some


Hong Kong: Mainland Chinese
Under a January 1999 court ruling, an estimated 692,000 mainland Chinese received permission to move from mainland China to Hong Kong as soon as

South Korea: Foreigners' Voting Rights
South Korea is studying a plan to grant voting rights to foreign residents, including Koreans who live in Japan and those who have become Japanese

Japan: Foreign Brides
Rural Japanese families are spending up to $25,000 each to import brides from China, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. In 1997, there were

Malaysia: Patrols
The Malaysian government announced that it will increase patrols along its borders and coastlines to ensure that illegal immigrants do not flood the

Taiwan Immigration Reforms
On May 14, Taiwan's Legislature enacted a law authorizing the Interior Ministry to establish an immigration administration to handle entry, exit and

Philippines: Brokers, Chinese
Brokers. There are many agencies in the Philippines that offer to help Filipinos find overseas jobs. Some are fraudulent. The Philippine


Kosovar Refugees
As of early May, some 750,000 Kosovars had fled Kosovo, with 425,000 moving to Albania and 250,000 moving to Macedonia. Macedonia urged NATO

EU: Schengen, Asylum
The Amsterdam Treaty became effective on May 1, 1999, which means that responsibility for developing EU-wide migration policies will shift from

Germany: Option Model Approved
In May, 1999, Germany approved the "option model" reform of Germany's citizenship law, which provides dual nationality to persons born of foreign

UK: Legal Aid, Cricket
Legal Aid. The UK government provides L48 million ($77 million) a year to British lawyers to provide legal advice to immigrants. In May 1999,

France: National Front
Charles De Gaulle, grandson of the ex-French president, is running with Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the National Front, for a seat in the European

Russia, Eastern Europe
Russia has 147 million residents, and their number is shrinking as deaths exceed births by 700,000 a year. Life expectancy was 68 in 1997, compared

Spain: Migrants, Controls
The Spanish government is planning to allow more non-European Union migrants into the country and extend the contracts of those already in Spain to


Australia: Immigration Up, Illegals
The Australian government increased planned immigration from 80,000 immigrants in 1998-1999 to 82,000 in 1999-2000, including 12,000 places for

Israel: Barak Elected
In Israel's general elections of May 17, opposition Labor leader Ehud Barak was elected prime minister with 56 percent of the vote. Both Barah and

Middle East
Jordan's government is attempting to replace foreign with local workers, although many Jordanian businesses oppose the substitution and are

South Africa is debating how to get farm workers in its northern provinces. Farmers sometimes hire illegal workers from Zimbabwe, who are willing to

Migration Dialogue Lyon Seminar
The seventh Migration Dialogue seminar was held May 6-8, 1999 in Lyon, France. Migration Dialogue seminars provide an opportunity for 40 to 45

High Skilled Migration in the 21st Century
By Philip Martin, University of California at Davis, [email][/email] The movement across international borders of high-skilled