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August 1999, Volume 6, Number 8

The Americas

INS: Border, Deportation
Border. The INS in June and July 1999 came under fire for releasing suspected serial killer Angel Maturino Resendez, who was on the FBI's Ten

Congress: Break Up INS?
On July 15th, Representatives Hal Rogers (R-KY), Lamar Smith (R-TX), and Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) introduced a bill, HR 2528, Immigration

Caribbean: Cubans, Haitians
Cubans. Some 1,500 Cubans arrived in Florida between January and June 1999, the largest influx since 1994, when 33,000 arrived. Instead of

California: 187, Los Angeles Booms
On July 29, 1999, the Proposition 187 saga came to an end with a mediated settlement that was accepted by the US 9 th Circuit Court of Appeals:

Canada: Immigration Down
Canada received 174,100 immigrants in 1998, down from 215,840 in 1997, the fewest since 1988. According to the government, some 15,000 immigrant

Mexico: Maquiladoras
The San Diego-Tijuana region is the fastest-growing metropolitan region of North America, with population and job growth fueled by high-tech on the

H-1B, Hotels
H-1B. The debate over whether to increase the annual cap on H-1B admissions, currently 115,000 a year, continued in July 1999. The H-1B cap

Central/South America
Central America. The number of Nicaraguans in South Florida is increasing: there were an estimated 20,000 in 1980; 50,000 in 1990; and 125,000


Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong. In July 1999, the Hong Kong government endorsed an interpretation of Hong Kong's Basic Law provided by China's National People's

Korea: Overstayers
Korean immigration officials report that 3,000 foreigners a month overstay tourist and other visas; many are believed to go to work in Korea's

Malaysia: Migrants
There were 977,276 registered foreign workers in Malaysia in spring 1999; most were required to renew their work permits by April 16, 1999. However,

Thailand: August 4?
As the August 4, 1999 deadline for the departure of most unskilled foreign workers loomed, private employers argued that they would have to hire

Singapore is easing immigration procedures for foreigners interested in establishing technology ventures. A long-term social visit pass valid for six


Southern Europe
Kosovo. Most of the 860,000 Kosovars who fled to Albania and Macedonia returned to Kosovo by the end of July; the UNHCR put the number of

Germany: Asylum
Asylum. Some 9,600 foreigners applied for asylum in Germany in June 1999, bringing the total number of asylum applicants to 46,457 in the

UK, Ireland
Jamaicans. After a drive-by shooting in mid-July of a radio disc jockey, a Tory spokesman on home affairs said that the British government

EU: Family Unification, Elections
Family Unification. In July 1997, the European Commission proposed a convention to govern the admission of third-country nationals to EU

Russia shares a 2,400-mile border with China and there is widespread fear of Chinese immigration. If migration continues at the current rate,

France: Calais, Jobs
Calais. The British press reported that more than 1,000 Albanians, most claiming to be Kosovars, are camped in parks in Calais, waiting for a

In July 1999, Finland, joining Great Britain and Ireland, ended visa-free entry for Slovak citizens after 1,140 Slovak Romanies applied for asylum.


Australia/New Zealand
Colleges in Australia and New Zealand, as in the US and UK, compete aggressively for foreign students. The immigration agencies in both countries

India, Pakistan
India. The Indian government in June 1999 asked the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to "catalyze"

Middle East
Kuwait. Kuwait had 2.3 million residents at the end of 1998, including 786,000 Kuwaitis. Iraq. The Iraqi government is

Israel: Migrants
There are 24,000 Thai workers in Israel, 17,000 of whom work in agriculture. Since April 1999, Israeli farmers have been required to pay farm workers

Africa: Emigration
South Africa. South Africa's 44 million residents include 35 million Blacks and six million whites. White emigration is increasing: in 1997,

Immigration to the US
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Mexican Immigration and Settlement
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