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September 1999, Volume 6, Number 9

The Americas

INS: Immigration Down
The INS in August 1999 announced that 660,477 persons became legal immigrants or permanent resident aliens in FY98, which ended September 30, 1998,

Refugees and Asylum
In August, 1999 President Clinton increased the ceiling on worldwide refugee admissions for FY99 from 78,000 to 91,000 in response to "an unforeseen

Congress: Reorganize INS?
Congress was in recess in August, but debate on the reorganization of INS continued. The Immigration Reorganization and Improvement Act of 1999 (H.R.

Education, Welfare, Perspective
Education. The number of K-12 pupils in US schools is expected to be a record 53 million in Fall 1999, according to the Department of

Labor Market: H-1Bs, Day Labor
H-1Bs. Bills have been introduced in Congress to raise the annual cap on the number of H-1B visas, now 115,000, to 200,000 a year until 2003, when

Mexico: Migration and Development
California Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa visited furniture and clothing factories in Etzatlan, Jalisco that were created with the help of

New York, California, Texas
New York. On May 1, 1999 several billboards went up in Queens with signs such as: "Over 80 percent of Americans support very little or no more

Canada: New Minister, Chinese
In August 1999, former Ontario health minister Elinor Caplan was named Canada's Immigration Minister, replacing Lucienne Robillard, who was from

Latin America, Caribbean
Nicaraguan President Arnold Aleman in July 1999 suspended a summit of Central American leaders scheduled to be held in Managua in response to the


China/Hong Kong
China is encouraging migration into Tibet, causing critics to charge that China is engaged in "cultural genocide," trying to eliminate Tibetan

Japan's Foreign Residents
The 1.5 million foreign residents of Japan are over one percent of the population: almost three-fourths of the foreign residents are Asians,

Thailand, Malaysia: Foreign Workers
The governments of Thailand and Malaysia have each granted temporary work permits to those unauthorized foreign workers who have passed medical tests

Filipino Overseas Workers
Overseas foreign workers in Saudi Arabia have created a website as the vehicle for a worldwide signature campaign to declare the year 2000 as "The

Taiwan: Protests, Tibetans
In late August 1999, some 300 Indonesian and Philippine migrants employed by Formosa Plastics fought each other; the Indonesians were protesting the


Kosovo: Returns
Kosovo had about 1.8 million Kosovar Albanians and 200,000 Serbs in 1997-98. In 1998-99, Serbs began to drive Kosovars from Kosovo; eventually

UK: Asylum Record
A record 6,600 foreigners applied for asylum in the UK in July 1999, up from 6,230 in June 1999. In July 1999, there were 1,050 asylum applications

Germany: Turks
Turkey suffered a devastating earthquake centered in Izmit in August 1999, which prompted several European countries to offer migration assistance.

Austria, Switzerland
Austria in 1998 had 749,100 foreign residents, including 335,200 from the ex-Yugoslavia. There were also 240,500 foreign workers; foreigners were

Southern Europe
Greece. Greece in August 1999 announced that Albanian migrants with regular jobs would be allowed to remain, and that the government was


Australia/New Zealand
In 1998-99, 35,000 skilled migrants and 32,000 family unification migrants entered Australia. Chinese. Chinese migrants are attempting to enter

Middle East: UAE, Iran, Israel
UAE. To protect the labor market, in August 1999, the United Arab Emirates stopped issuing new visas for unskilled workers from Pakistan and

Ethiopia and Eritrea
People can become foreigners without moving, for example, the breakup of the USSR left millions of Russians living as foreigners in former Soviet