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October 1999, Volume 6, Number 10

The Americas

Canada: Chinese Migrants
Between July and September, 1999, Canadian authorities intercepted four ships each with more than 100 Chinese migrants being smuggled into Canada.

INS: Border, Naturalization
Border. The INS apprehended 1.5 million unauthorized migrants in FY99, which ended September 30, up slightly from 1998. Apprehensions in the

States: California, New York, Texas
California. The federal judge who issued an injunction in 1994 blocking the implementation of Proposition 187 approved a settlement in

Congress: More Change?
Many immigration advocate organizations held rallies in mid-September 1999 to bolster efforts in Congress to "fix" 1996 immigration and welfare

Census: Foreign Born, Hispanics
The Census Bureau reported that there were 25.2 million foreign-born residents of the US on July 1, 1998—making them 9.3 percent of US residents. In

Labor Market: H-1Bs, Ethnic Business
The annual limit on the number of H-1B professionals—foreigners who can enter the US for up to six years after US employers "attest" that they are

Agricultural Guest Workers
In the early 1980s, the percentage of unauthorized workers among US farm workers was 20 to 25 percent and rising, farm wages and benefits were flat

Caribbean, Central America
Cuba. Some 1,500 Cubans arrived in Florida between January and June 1999, the largest influx since 1994, when 33,000 arrived. Instead of


Taiwan: Migrant Fight
About 1,000 Filipino workers in Taiwan asked to be returned home after a fight with Thai workers at a Formosa Plastics Group's petrochemical complex

Korea: Ethnic Koreans
The Korean National Assembly passed a bill in mid-August that gives ethnic Koreans living overseas legal rights that are almost equal to those of

Malaysia, Singapore
About 150,000 foreign workers in Malaysia were supposed to renew their work permits by August 15, 1999. The government reported that some 71,244

Indonesia: Displaced
Internally Displaced. There are several separatist movements in Indonesia, including in East Timor and Sumatra, where the Free Aceh movement

Philippines: Celebrate Migrants
The Philippine government estimates that there are 3.5 million Filipinos abroad, living in 120 countries and remitting $7 billion a year. The

Japan's Foreign Population
With unemployment at 4.9 percent, some government officials and business leaders are pushing for reforms of the country's strict immigration


EU: Tampere Summit
The European Union will hold its first summit devoted to policing and judicial issues in Tampere, Finland in October 1999, with immigration and

Germany: Aid and Migration
Germany is pressing for early membership in the EU for Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, a $30 million aid package for the Balkans and a new

Switzerland, Austria
Switzerland received 38,579 asylum applications in the first eight months of 1999, an average of 4,800 a month, almost double year-earlier levels—the

UK: Asylum
Britain continued to debate whether a new asylum law was needed. The research director of the immigration service union that represents immigration

Northern Europe
More than 1,100 Slovak Gypsies sought asylum in Finland in June 1999; most arrived on flights from the Czech Republic or Hungary. In August 1999,

Russia, Eastern Europe
Russia. The State Statistics Committee reported that 5.5 million persons moved to Russia from the other ex-USSR states and that 1.8 million

Southern Europe
Spain. The Spanish Government in October 1999 announced that it would allow 300,000 seasonal foreign workers to enter Spain each year for up


A report by ACIL Consulting found that, after their second year in Australia, migrants have a positive impact on public finances, that is, taxes paid

Middle East
Saudi Arabia. Police in September 1999 arrested 10,000 foreigners in Mecca who did not have valid work permits. In October 1997, Saudi Arabia

South Africa. South African police in September 1999 were accused of beating Mozambicans being deported and taking their money; some were