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December 1999, Volume 6, Number 12

The Americas

INS: Naturalization, Deportations
Naturalization. The Immigration and Naturalization Service announced in late October 1999 that the wait between application and naturalization

Jobs, H-1Bs, Students
The US economy is expected to expand by almost five percent in 1999, bringing GDP to $8.9 trillion. This rapid economic growth helped to push US

California: 187, Los Angeles
According to the INS, there were about two million unauthorized foreigners in California in October 1996 and their number was increasing by about

Canada: Immigration up
Canada's Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan plans to increase annual immigration to 300,000 despite failing to reach the target of 200,000 immigrants

Mexico: Welfare, Economy
Remittances. In the US, state and federal suits were filed in 1997-98 against several money transfer businesses, including Western Union,

Haiti, Dominica
Haiti. On October 30, 1999, the Inter-American Human Rights Commission condemned the treatment of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic.


Chinese Migrants
Since July 20, 1999, Canada has seized four ships carrying migrants from the Fujian province of China—most paid smugglers $30,000 to $40,000 each to

Japan: Unauthorized, Discrimination
There are 283,000 unauthorized migrants in Japan, and 21 of them from Iran, Bangladesh and Burma have asked the Tokyo government to give them legal

Hong Kong: Mainland, Maids
Over 200 mainland immigrants in Hong Kong staged a protest outside Victoria Prison, claiming that two female illegal immigrants had been assaulted by

Thailand: Another Deadline
Thailand announced that a million illegal foreign workers must leave Thailand by November 3, 1999 or face stiff fines. Hoping for a repeat of past

Taiwan: Chinese Smuggling
Chinese Migrants. Since 1992, Taiwan says it has apprehended 38,000 mainland Chinese. The number is rising: 1,500 were caught in the first ten

Philippines: Migrants
The Philippines sends more migrants out of the country by air then any other country, and the government has developed an extensive

Cambodia: Crackdown
Illegal aliens and their employers in Cambodia had until November 4, 1999 to obtain visas. After the November 4 deadline, the newly formed Commission


EU: Asylum
The UNHCR reported that between January and September, 1999 some 323,700 foreigners requested asylum in 22 European countries, up 31 percent over the

Germany: Naturalization, Labor
Naturalization. In recent years, 200,000 to 275,000 persons a year have become German citizens each year, 100,000 to 200,000 of them ethnic

Switzerland, Austria
Foreigners—1.5 million—accounted for 21 percent of Switzerland's population in 1998. Most numerous were Italians ,340,000, and Yugoslavs, 233,000.

Czech Republic
A wall put up in mid-October 1999 to separate Gypsies from their Czech neighbors in the city of Usti nad Labem in northern Bohemia was torn down in

UK: Asylum, Guest Workers
The British government's new asylum and immigration bill aims to reduce the number of asylum seekers by: (1) speeding up the decision-making process

Southern Europe
France. Unemployment in September 1999 fell to 11.1 percent, the lowest level of the year. An IMF working paper "Three Million


Australia: Boat People
Australia's Minister for Immigration Philip Ruddock is urging passage of the Border Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 1999, to reduce the flow of

Middle East: Migrants
Kuwait/Jordan. Egyptian workers in Khetian, Kuwait rioted on October 30-31, 1999 after a fight between Indian supermarket clerks and an

South Asia
India-Bangladesh. Some 957 people have been pushed into Bangladesh by Indian border police in the past 20 months. The Bangladesh Rifles and

WTO, Population
The World Trade Organization met in Seattle, Washington on November 30, 1999, launching a new round of trade negotiations expected to liberalize

Census: Foreign-Born Residents
The US Bureau of the Census released its most recent "Profile of the Foreign-Born Population of the United States" in August 1999 and 400 pages of

Tampere Summit
The European Council (the EU Member States' Heads of States and Governments) held a special meeting on 15 and 16 October 1999 in Tampere (Finland) to

World Development Report
The theme of the 22nd World Development Report is globalization and localization—the integration of the world economy and the increasing demand from

Schengen to Amsterdam
Hailbronner, Kay and Patrick Weil. Eds. 1999. From Schengen to Amsterdam. Towards a European Immigration and Asylum Legislation. ERA European Law