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February 2000, Volume 7, Number 2

The Americas

Cuba: Elian Gonzalez
The INS on January 5, 2000 said that six-year old Elian Gonzalez "belongs with his father," and would be returned to Cuba by January 14, 2000. The

INS: Border, Smuggling
Border. The Border Patrol arrested 88,196 migrants in the first 17 days of January 2000, up from 70,860 over the same period in 1999. In FY99

Integration, Census
The Latin migration north is one of the largest mass migrations in US history—about half of the 32 million Hispanic residents were born abroad. A

H1-B, H-1Cs
H-1B. The INS is expected to run out of H-1B visas for temporary foreign professionals by March 2000 even though the annual ceiling was raised

Economy, Unions
The US unemployment rate remained at a 30-year low of 4.1 percent in December 1999 as the US economy continued on its longest-ever expansion—107

Canada: Chinese, Sri Lankans
Chinese. The fourth Chinese among the 590 migrants who arrived on four ships in summer 1999 in British Columbia was recognized as a refugee in

Mexico: NAFTA, Corn
Francisco Labastida, the presidential candidate of Mexico's governing party, the PRI, said in a January 30, 2000 interview that if elected, he would


China, Hong Kong
Internal Migration. There are 60 to 80 million migrants in China and a great deal of controversy over what to do about them. The policy

Japan, Korea
The Prime Minister's Commission on Japan's Goals in the 21st Century recommended on January 18, 2000 that Japan "should set up an explicit

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
The Malaysian Cabinet approved the recruitment of 20,000 foreign workers to ease the labor shortage in six Indian-related business sectors that offer

Thailand: Burmese
Thailand in Fall 1999 mounted an effort to remove about 30,000 illegal Burmese workers from factories in the border area in order to open jobs for


Austria, Switzerland
The Freedom Party headed by Joerg Haider formed a coalition government with the People's Party headed by Wolfgang Schuessel February 4, 2000. Each

Benelux: Amnesty, Soccer
During the first several days of a three-week government amnesty, thousands of illegal migrants who had "lasting social ties," defined as having

Germany: Naturalization, Sanctions
Naturalization. Behjat Moaali, a human rights lawyer from Iran, became the first foreigner to be naturalized under the new naturalization law

UK, Ireland
The number of foreigners applying for asylum in the UK was 71,160 (another source says 89,700) in 1999, compared with 46,015 in 1998. Applications

Turkey, Bulgaria
In 1997, about 3.3 million, the equivalent of five percent of the Turkish population lived in Western Europe, including 2.2 million in Germany;


Israel: Law of Return
Israel continued to debate changes to its Law of Return. In January 2000, United Torah Judaism called for developing an immigration policy like that

Population, WTO, Services
Population. The UN designated October 12, 1999 as Six Billion Day—the day the world's population reached six billion. About 40 percent of the