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July 2000, Volume 7, Number 7

The Americas

INS: Border
The summer of 2000 will undoubtedly see more migrants dying in their attempts at unauthorized entry through the southwestern deserts to the US, as

Labor: AFL-CIO, H-1B, H-2B
The US unemployment rate rose to 4.1 percent in May 2000, and the California rate rose to five percent. AFL-CIO. The 68-union

Mexico: July 2 Elections
Elections. Mexicans go to the polls on July 2, 2000, and 58 million registered voters could cast ballots for the president and Congress (500

State Briefs: California, Georgia
California. Mexican and US border governors met in Sacramento in June 2000; the Mexican governors wanted to discuss immigration issues, which

Canada: Legislation
Canada's immigration policy aims to admit about 220,000 immigrants a year, although only 190,000 arrived in 1999. Over the past 20 years, immigration

Elian Returns to Cuba
Elian Gonzalez and his family returned to Cuba June 28, 2000 after the US Supreme Court refused to issue an injunction sought by his Miami relatives

Caribbean, Trade
The Dominican Republic, in a bid to create Internet-related jobs, opened the Dominican Cyberpark in spring 2000. It aims to create jobs for Dominican


China, Hong Kong
More than 100 million of China's 1.3 billion people are estimated to be internal migrants, drawn to urban areas in search of work. In their home

Philippines: Taiwan and Malaysia
The Philippine government says that seven million Filipinos are employed abroad and that they remitted US$8.6 billion in 1999. However, two major

Japan: Immigration Law?
Japan has traditionally been a closed society, but there seems to be a growing consensus that Japan needs an immigration system with annual quotas

Korea: Migrant Rights
Korean President Kim Dae-jung has continued to call for the improvement of the rights of migrants. Most legal foreign workers in Korea are trainees

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
Bangkok city police in June 2000 apprehended 1,500 suspected illegal foreigners, mostly Burmese, in two days. The Employment Department said it was


EU: Enlargement and Migration
The European Union now has 15-member nations and 370 million residents. It is negotiating accession or membership-entry terms with 12 nations in

Germany: Immigration Law?
Foreign computer specialists in June 2000 were sending in their resumes in the hope that they would be among the first 10,000 foreigners issued green

UK, Ireland
Asylum. Home Secretary Jack Straw in June 2000 called for major changes to the 1951 Geneva convention to reduce trafficking and to prevent

Spain, Portugal
Spain urged Morocco in June 2000 to tighten security controls along its northern borders to prevent more migrants from leaving Morocco in small boats

France: Minorities
France is often described as having three types of people: black, blanc (white), and beur, the common shorthand for North African. An

Austria, Switzerland
Austria. Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen of Denmark said in June 2000 that the EU is set to normalize relations with Austria, which were

Turkey became an official candidate for EU admission in December 1999, and the coalition government in Ankara is moving quickly to change laws and


Australia, New Zealand
Between January and June, 2000, no foreigner arriving illegally by boat was granted refugee status in Australia. Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock

Middle East: Jordan, Saudi Arabia
There are believed to be one to 1.5 million Egyptians, Iraqis and other Arab nationals working without permits in Jordan. In the first five months of

India-Nepal Sex Traffickers
Since 1997, some of the women who were trafficked from Nepal to India have been stationed on the Nepal-India border to warn Nepalese girls and women

Zimbabwe voters went to the polls on June 25, 2000 to elect a new 150-seat parliament, the fifth election since the country became independent in

Refugees, ILO
The U.S. Committee for Refugees in June 2000 released "The 2000 World Refugee Survey: An Annual Assessment of Conditions Affecting Refugees, Asylum

Ashgate Books on Europe
Ashgate ( has become a major publisher of the papers presented at European migration conferences. The books are generally available