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August 2000, Volume 7, Number 8

The Americas

Mexico: Fox Wins
Vicente Fox, presidential candidate of the National Action Party (PAN) won the July 2, 2000 election in Mexico, ending 71 years of Institutional

INS: Border, Cuba
Border. The INS has 8,000 Border Patrol agents; 300 are on the 4,000-mile Canadian border, and 7,700 are on the 2,000-mile Mexican border. In

Congress, Politics
Congress is expected to act on three major immigration items in 2000: increases in the H-1B quota; restoration of Section 245(i) of the Immigration

Labor: H-1Bs, Janitors, Vanguard
The US unemployment rate was four percent in June 2000. About three-fourths of the 132 million employed US workers are production workers and their

State Briefs: California, New York City, Utah
California has a $100 billion budget for 2000-01, including a general fund of $79 billion- general fund monies are from state income, sales and

Latin America
More Central Americans are attempting to get into the US by taking boats to Baja California and then slipping across the Mexico-US border. In

Canada: Chinese, Politics
Even as Canadian and US authorities meet with Chinese officials in an effort to reduce the smuggling of Chinese migrants, Canadian officials


China, Hong Kong
Relatives of some of the 58 migrants who died in a truck en route to the UK in June 2000 rampaged through the empty houses of two snakeheads outside

Japan's Foreigners
Twenty-six foreigners filed petitions on July 12, 2000 seeking permission from immigration authorities to stay in Japan after overstaying their

Thailand, Vietnam
Thai authorities in June 2000 apprehended 4,000 Myanmar migrants employed illegally in garment and textile factories in Mae Sod district of Tak

Korea: Trainees to Workers?
The ruling Millennium Party, over the objections of the Korea Federation of Small Businesses (KFSB), wants to convert the current system for foreign

Taiwan: Migrant Peak
In May 2000, the number of foreigners hit a record 302,157, including 76,000 helpers. The newly elected government has pledged to reduce foreign

Malaysia, Philippines
Malaysia. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad wants to turn Malaysia into a "Knowledge Economy" by decreasing the number of unskilled foreign


EU: Migration Policy?
The EU's Justice Minister, Antonio Vitorino, has proposed an EU immigration plan that would open a labor migration channel with the goal of reducing

Germany: Immigration Policy
Germany continued to debate the tasks of an Immigration Commission appointed on July 12, 2000 by Interior Minister Otto Schily and chaired by Rita

UK, Ireland
In June 2000, 58 Chinese migrants died in a truck arriving from Belgium. Britain refused to allow Chinese officials to interview the two survivors,

Spain: Record Influx
Spain, in the words of the Independent newspaper, is being "deluged" by migrants in the summer of 2000; a record 325 migrants were apprehended in

Italy: Immigration Up?
Italy. The government of Italy's unemployment rate is 11 percent. Nevertheless, Interior Minister Enzo Bianco said in mid-July 2000 that: "All

Northern Europe
Sweden. Sifo, a market research firm, released a poll in July 2000 that found that 54 percent of Swedes believed there were too many

Austria, Eastern Europe
Austria. In July 2000, 14 European Union governments established a panel of "three wise men" to determine whether Austria is abiding by


Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
Australia expects a wave of unauthorized foreigners in September 2000 during the Olympics. To discourage them from arriving by ship, Australian

Africa: AIDS and Diamonds
An International AIDS conference was held in Durban, South Africa in July 2000, with a reminder that about 6,000 of the 600 million people in

Israel: Immigration Up
The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics reported that Israel received 77,000 immigrants in 1999, up 20 percent over 1998 levels. The former Soviet

Gulf States
More than 350,000 illegal migrants including 160,000 who were unemployed left Saudi Arabia in June 2000, taking advantage of a government offer to

India, Sri Lanka
India has 340,000 software engineers, and their ranks are growing by about 80,000 a year. Firms from a long list of countries are recruiting Indian