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September 2000, Volume 7, Number 9

The Americas

Mexico: Fox for Open Borders
Mexican President-elect Vicente Fox, who takes office on December 1, 2000, visited President Clinton on August 24-25, 2000. Fox called for a new

Presidential Politics
Republicans. The Republican party's convention in August in Philadelphia was marked by little of the anti-immigrant rhetoric noticeable in

INS: Is Gatekeeper Working?
The INS changed its strategy to prevent illegal migration over the Mexico-US border in 1994. Instead of trying to apprehend all migrants detected,

Labor: Employment, California
The US unemployment rate held steady at four percent in July 2000; average hourly earnings were almost $14. Unemployment has remained in the 3.9 to

Cuba, Colombia
Emigration from Cuba was reported to be increasing in July-August 2000, as Cubans once again set out for Florida, 90 miles away, in small boats. Most

Canada: Guest Workers, Chinese
Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan is considering allowing up to 6,000 foreign construction workers into Canada under a fast-track system to ease a

Population, States Briefs
The U.S. Census Bureau reported that between 1990 and 1999, the US Asian and Pacific Island population grew 43 percent, to 10.8 million, and the


Smuggling of Chinese
The Chinese being smuggled into North America and Western Europe seem to arouse special concern because of the large number of potential migrants in

Japan: Children, Migrants
Japan had a record low birth rate of 1.3 in 1999, and the government is taking steps to increase it. Since June 2000, the child care allowances

Hong Kong, Macau, China
Hong Kong. On August 2, 2000, migrants from mainland China set Hong Kong's immigration headquarters on fire in an effort to avoid being sent

Korea: Migrants
South Korea's ruling Millennium Democratic Party is expected to introduce a bill aimed at improving the working conditions of foreign laborers

Malaysia, Singapore
The Malaysian government believes that 18,000 Indonesians a week are arriving illegally, to join the estimated 300,000 legal Indonesian workers in

Thailand, Vietnam
A year after the Thai government banned foreign labor in certain regions and occupations, businesses in 10 border provinces say they need foreign


EU: Migration Policy?
The EU, as well as national governments and non-governmental organizations, are beginning to debate the need for an immigration policy for Europe for

UK: Asylees, Chinese
Beginning August 2, 2000, the British government is fingerprinting asylum seekers, using automated equipment in immigration and asylum screening

Germany: Green Cards, Violence
The first foreigner issued a green card by Labor Minister Walter Riester (SPD) on July 31, 2000 was a 25-year old Indonesian, Harianto Wijaya, who

Italy: Migrants, Immigration
The Italian government is coming under increasing pressure to allow police to shoot to kill human traffickers after 319 Kurds arrived illegally in

Spain: Immigration Law
Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's center-right Popular Party, which holds 183 of the 350 seats in the Congress of Deputies, approved legislation in

Eastern Europe
Latvia. Latvian was made the official language in 1999. In 2000, Lativa established six proficiency levels for non-native speakers, mostly


Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
Asylees. The Australian government may use development aid allocated to Indonesia to pay fishermen in West Timor not to rent out their boats

Middle East, South Asia
Iran. UN officials report that there are about 1.4 million Afghan refugees in Iran, half of whom are in the country illegally (without an

Africa: Development
President Clinton returned to Africa in 2000 with a visit to Nigeria and Tanzania, two years after a six-nation tour in 1988. However, there is

Israel: Russians
Israel, a country of six million, has received 1.1 million immigrants from the ex-USSR in the past 20 years. There are many studies of the