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November 2000, Volume 7, Number 11

The Americas

INS: Unauthorized Migrants
Doris Meissner announced her resignation as INS Commissioner in October 2000; she is returning to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Congress: H-1Bs Increased, Amnesty
H-1B. Congress in October approved the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000, which increases the number of H-1B

Mexico: Guest Workers?
The Los Angeles Times on October 15, 2000 reviewed the reactions to President-elect Vicente Fox's call for an open border in August 2000, and

SSNs, Employment, California
When they are hired, many unauthorized workers provide their employers with false Social Security Numbers or those of another person. Employers are

Canada: Immigration Reforms
The Canadian government has proposed a reform of immigration law to crack down on criminals while encouraging "the best and the brightest" immigrants

Latin America
Under 1996 immigration reforms, non-US citizens convicted of aggravated felonies must be deported from the US after they have served their sentences;

Poverty, Welfare, Inequality
The Census Bureau released its reports on poverty and income in September 2000. The poverty rate for Hispanics dropped from 26 percent in 1998 to 23


Japan: Local Voting?
There are about 635,000 ethnic Koreans who are permanent residents of Japan, born in Korea or the children of Koreans brought to Japan during Japan's

Hong Kong, China: Migrants
For the first time, Hong Kong authorities detected stowaways inside a container bound for the US before the ship left Hong Kong. The 26 men, aged 16

Korea: Foreign Workers
A survey by the Korean Labor Institute conducted in August 2000 found "serious problems with the nation's foreign labor system." Most

Malaysia, Indonesia
The Malaysian and Indonesian government have agreed that illegal migrants who are unemployed will be returned to Indonesia, with both countries


EU: Third-Country Migrants
There are 13 million non-EU nationals in the 15-EU member states. European Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Antonio Vitorino, announced on

Germany: Immigration, Economy
Conservative party leaders disagree about their party's stance on the role of immigration in the expected 2002 general elections. CDU-CSU

UK, Ireland
The Home Office reported that the number of asylum applicants was 71,100 in 1999, including 11,465 from Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro. The backlog of

Benelux: Smugglers
In the wake of the death of 58 Chinese migrants being smuggled into the UK in June 2000, the police in France, Belgium and the Netherlands have

Balkans, Eastern Europe
Balkans. There are an estimated 70,000 Chinese migrants in Belgrade, many of whom paid smugglers to get them into Europe. Many Chinese live in

Spain, Italy
The tensions experienced in Spain over the summer illustrate the difficulty that much of Europe is having in dealing with foreign workers.


Australia, New Zealand
Refugee assistance agencies in October 2000 criticized the government for detaining unauthorized foreigners seeking asylum and not providing them

South Asia: Afghans
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says there are 1.4 million Afghans in Iran, who are recognized as refugees, and Iranian

Africa: Libya, Ivory Coast
Libya. There were widespread reports of attacks on Sub-Saharan African migrants in Libya in September-October 2000, following a general crack

Middle East
Bahrain. The Bahrainian government announced on September 10, a three-month amnesty permitting illegal immigrants to leave the Gulf island