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January 2001, Volume 8, Number 1

The Americas

INS: Asylum, Border, Sanctions
Asylum. The INS in December 2000 announced draft regulations that will make it easier for victims of domestic violence to obtain asylum.

Bush, Congress: Legalization
President-elect George W. Bush favors more guest workers- both professionals and farm workers. During the campaign, Bush pledged to split the

Labor: Education, Guest Workers
The United States' GDP reached $10 trillion at the end of 2000, including $1.4 trillion in California. There were 135 million US residents with jobs,

Mexico: Fox, Returns, Progresa
Vicente Fox became President of Mexico on December 1, ending 70 years of governance by the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which emerged

Canada: Liberals, Chinese
Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his Liberal Party won re-election in Canada on November 27, increasing their number of seats in the 301-seat

Latin America
The North American Free Trade Agreement encouraged many US and Canadian firms to shift factories from the Caribbean to Mexico. In May 2000, the US


China: Migrants, Nepal
In China, young people are moving west to east, with interior provinces such as Sichuan, Hunan and Guangxi losing migrants to Guangdong, while

Japan: No Local Voting
There are about 635,000 ethnic Koreans who are permanent residents of Japan, born in Korea or the children of Koreans brought to Japan during Japan's

Korea: Guest Workers?
The ruling Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) in December 2000 continued to struggle to turn foreign trainees into guest workers. The small- and

Southeast Asia: Migrants
Philippines. The number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) returning home for the Christmas holidays was lower than usual in 2000, reportedly


EU: Enlargement?
The European Union's 15 leaders met in Nice, France in December 2000 to discuss how to share power in an enlarged EU; no new members can be admitted

Southern Europe: Migrants
The New York Times reported on December 25, that illegal immigration into Europe from the south and east is rising sharply: some 500,000 illegal

UK: Migrants, Asylum
Migrants. The UK and France continued to debate how to deal with migrants who attempt to enter Britain by slipping onto UK-bound trucks at the

Germany: Migrants, Asylum
Germany's political parties continued to debate how best to deal with immigration and to integrate foreigners. The major opposition parties, the

Russia, Eastern Europe
Russia. Russia's population is shrinking by 0.5 percent or 750,000 a year, the fastest decline in the world, and the Economic Development and

Austria, Switzerland
The US restored normal relations with Austria in November 2000. The US reduced diplomatic ties in February 2000 after the EU decided to halt official

Benelux, France
Belgium. Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt wants to streamline its asylum processing system to reduce the number of applications- there were

Sweden will hold the rotating presidency of the EU between January 1, 2001 and June 30, 2001, and announced that it will focus on the three E's:


Australia: New Zealand, Detention
New Zealand. The largest country of origin of immigrants to Australia is New Zealand. There are about 400,000 New Zealand-born residents of

South Africa. On November 28, 150 asylum seekers protested outside the South African Department of Home Affairs offices in Johannesburg

Gulf States
Bahrain. Bahrain announced another amnesty that permits illegal migrants to leave without penalty by December 31, 2000; 40,000 unauthorized

The October-November 2000 uprising of Palestinians against Israel resulted in the closure of Gaza and the isolation of many West Bank towns.

South Asia
Pakistan in Fall 2000 began restricting the entry of Afghans through the Kyber Pass: Afghans are fleeing continued fighting as well as drought.

Global Trends
Migrants/Refugees. December 18 was declared International Migrant's Day by the UN in recognition of the 150 million persons living outside