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February 2001, Volume 8, Number 2

The Americas

Mexico: Guest Workers
President Bush is scheduled to visit Mexican President Fox on February 16, 2001. In preparation for the visit, US Secretary of State Colin L. Powell

Bush Administration, LIFE
Chavez/Chao. President Bush nominated Linda Chavez to be Secretary of Labor. She promised to "keep faith with the men and the women who still

INS: Removal, Asylum, Border
Removal/Detention. The US Supreme Court in January 2001 agreed to review immigration laws enacted in 1996 that permit the INS to remove or

Labor: H-1B, UI
The US unemployment rate was still low at four percent in December 2000, but job growth slowed- manufacturing employment fell 178,000 in 2000. The

Canada: Immigration Up, Asylum
Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Department reported that 226,500 immigrants were admitted in 2000, the most since 1993. The government's target

Census: Population and Foreign-born
Census. The US Census Bureau reported there were 281,421,906 US residents on April 1, 2000, up 32 million, or 13 percent, from the 249 million

Latin America
Cuba. Cuba has sentenced 70 Cuban-Americans convicted of attempting to smuggle Cubans out of the country to long prison terms under laws


Japan: Foreigners
Some four million foreigners entered Japan in 1999, including 58 percent from Asia. Most of these foreigners soon departed, but there were 1.6

Korea: Migrants
Korea is struggling to convert foreign trainees- foreigners who work in Korea but are not entitled to Korea's minimum wage or covered by Korean labor

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Malaysia-Indonesia. Malaysia plans to deport 110,000 illegal Indonesians who were being held in detention in early 2001, but in phases to

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam
Hong Kong. At the end of 2000, there were 158,000 Filipinos in Hong Kong, most working as domestic helpers. There were also 40,000


EU: Enlargement, Population
The European Commissioner for Enlargement, Guenther Verheugen, is expecting to receive reports on the impact of labor migration from the center and

Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Turkey
Spain. As Spain implemented a new immigration policy in January 2001 that permits the immediate expulsion of unauthorized foreigners- those

Germany: Asylum, Green Cards
Germany's foreign population rose from four million in 1990 to 7.3 million in 2000, primarily because of family unification and births to foreigners

UK, Ireland
The Home Office released a report in January 2001 that estimated that between 150,000 and 175,000 immigrants a year from outside the EU will enter

Belgium, Norway
Belgium. Nearly 1,500 asylum seekers waited overnight outside Belgian government offices to file applications before cash payments were


Australia: Detention
In January 2001, there were several protests involving detainees being held at various detention centers in Australia. The most serious incident was

Africa: Attacks on Foreigners
Libya. Immigrants in many African countries live in fear of being victimized because they are foreigners. Libya invited foreigners into the

Jordan, Iran, Lebanon
Jordan. The Jordanian Ministry of Labor reported that in August 2000, there were 25,656 foreign females employed in the country, including

Pope John Paul II New Year's message condemned xenophobia, saying people of different cultures must live in mutual respect if they want peace in an

INS Statistical Yearbook: 1998
The INS released the statistical yearbook covering FY98 in December 2000; the yearbook covering FY97 was released in December 1999: