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March 2001, Volume 8, Number 3

The Americas

Mexico: Bush, Fox Meet
Mexican President Vicente Fox and US President George Bush met on February 16, 2001 in San Cristobal, Mexico, Fox's home town in the state of

INS: Apprehensions Down
There was a 22 percent drop in apprehensions along the 1,952-mile Mexico-US border in the first four months of FY01, which began October 1, 2000-

Congress, Administration
Amnesty. Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) in February 2001 introduced legislation that would grant immigrant status to all persons

Census, Labor
Census. The Census Bureau reported in February 2001 that the undercount in the 2000 census was 2.7 million to 3.9 million, or 0.96 percent to

Canada: Immigration Up, Integration
Canada, with 31 million residents, received 226,837 immigrants in 2000, above its target level of 200,000 to 225,000; the target for 2001 is 235,000.

California: Immigrant Integration
A new report from the California Policy Seminar concludes that immigration was neither a cause of California's problems in the early 1990s, nor a

Welfare, Licenses, Sudanese
Welfare. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released poverty lines for 2001: they are $8,950 for one person, $14,360 for three,

Latin America
El Salvador. A January 13, 2001 earthquake and several aftershocks, including another quake on February 13, 2001, caused an estimated $2-$3


Japan: Trainees, Demography
The KSD mutual-aid society provides services to small Japanese businesses, including recruiting trainees. One KSD affiliate, the Association for

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Smuggling. A Chinese official in February 2001 said that China's role in illegal immigration is inflated because Chinese migrants are willing

Korea: Trainees to Migrants?
The Korean government wants to convert foreign trainees, who are paid 650,000 won ($576) a month, into foreign workers who would be guaranteed

Southeast Asia
Malaysia-Indonesia. The government of Malaysia deported 97,251 foreigners in 2000, including 83,190 or 85 percent Indonesians. Malaysia plans


EU: Immigration, Co-Development, Soccer
European Commission President Romano Prodi in February 2001 said that the EU should open itself to 1.6 million skilled foreign workers. Prodi said

Germany: Green Cards, Economy
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in February 2001 that there would be a new immigration law before the next national elections, expected in Fall

UK, France, Switzerland
Britain. An election is expected to be held in May 2001, and immigration is expected to be a point of contention between the ruling Labor and

Spain, Portugal, Italy
Spain. A new immigration law took effect January 23, 2001, stepping up penalties on employers who hire illegal workers, and making it easier

Turkey: A Special Report
Turkey, a country of 67 million people, has the world's 25th largest economy, generating goods and services worth $200 billion a year. About 17


Australia: One Nation, New Zealand
The anti-immigration political party, One Nation, won nearly 10 percent of the vote in the February 10, 2001 state election in Western Australia. One

Africa: Ivory Coast, South Africa
Ivory Coast. The Ivory Coast is the world's leading producer of cocoa beans, but the harvest is threatened by a labor shortage. In recent

South Asia, Gulf
Afghanistan, a country of 26 million, has become a major source of migrants and refugees. Within its borders, Iran has an estimated 1.3 million

Global Population
Population. The UN released new projections of global population that show the world's population rising from 6.1 billion in 2000 to 9.3