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April 2001, Volume 8, Number 4

The Americas

Canada: Terrorism, Quebec, Labor
Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan proposed major amendments to Canadian immigration law in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Latin America
El Salvador. President Bush in March 2001 announced that an estimated 150,000 unauthorized Salvadorans in the US before February 13, 2001

Mexico: Remittances, Braceros
Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda outlined a four-pronged strategy to improve the management of Mexico-US migration. Castaneda urged the US to

INS: Sanctions and Discrimination
President Bush proposed a $2 trillion budget for FY2002, including a request that the Justice Department budget be reduced. The INS budget for FY2001

Guest Workers, H-1Bs
The US unemployment rate remained at 4.2 percent in February 2001, as job growth slowed to about 103,000 a month, or 3,500 a day. The average hourly

Census: Hispanics Outnumber Blacks
The 2000 Census found that the number of Hispanics grew faster than expected in the 1990s, so that about 35 million residents identified themselves


China, Hong Kong Migrants
Internal. Internal migration within China is similar in many respects to international migration for employment, in the sense that the Chinese

Japan: Migrants and Refugees
Japan has an estimated 252,000 illegal foreign residents, many of whom are employed in construction and other industries with high accident rates.

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia has some of the major labor-importing countries, including Singapore and Malaysia, as well as some of the major and emerging labor


France: Kurds, Roma, Labor
A Cambodian-registered ship carrying 912 Kurds, including 400 children, was deliberately run aground off the French coast near Nice in mid-February

Eastern Europe
Czech. The Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry released a new immigration policy proposal modeled on the Canadian point system in February

Sweden: 3-E's
Sweden holds the EU's rotating presidency for the first half of 2001. Sweden announced that it would focus the EU's attention on 3-E's-- employment,

UK, Italy: Elections in May 2001
The UK and Italy (May 13) are expected to have general elections in May 2001, and immigration is expected to play a prominent role in each country.

Germany: Green Cards, Labor
In 2000, crimes aimed against foreigners rose 57 percent over 1999 levels to 3,594. The death of a Mozambican immigrant beaten by skinheads in the

EU: Enlargement and Migration
Enlargement. The European Commission in March 2001 released a report that estimated that the entry of 10 central and east European countries


Australia, New Zealand
Economics/Labor. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 99,000 long-term residents arrived in 1999-2000, the largest number since

South Africa: Skilled, Racism
South Africa will ease its immigration laws in order to attract skilled foreigners from countries such as India and Russia. South Africa is estimated

Israel: Migrants
Israel has prevented Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip from working in the country for over 12 months, but the violence that led to the

Gulf: Migrants
In most of the Gulf oil exporting states, foreigners must be "sponsored" for admission; after arrival, the migrant deals with the government through

Remittances, Trade, and Aid
Remittances. Remittances are that portion of the monies earned or obtained by migrants that are returned to the country of origin. If labor is

Immigration and Pensions
The aging of the world's population will be one of the great challenges confronting all nations during the 21st century. Industrial nations will see