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May 2001, Volume 8, Number 5

The Americas

Labor, H-1Bs, Janitors, EEOC
The US unemployment rate rose to 4.3 percent in March 2001, as employment shrank by 86,000, or almost 3,000 a day; the unemployment rate was lowest

Mexico: Hope, Dual Nationality
As the number of Mexicans apprehended along the US border stayed below year-earlier levels, some credited the drop in US apprehensions to the "Fox

Congress: Guest Workers
The major immigration issues facing the new administration and Congress are whether and how to break up the INS into separate enforcement and service

Census, Politics, English
The US population was 281 million in April 2000, and included 198 million non-Hispanic whites; 35 million Hispanics; 35 million Blacks; and 12

Canada: SOA, Chinese
Canada, host of the 2001 Summit of the Americas on April 22 and 23, 2001 in Quebec City, released a report showing how Canada responded to previous

INS: Border, 245, Asylum, Detention
The INS apprehended 1.6 million unauthorized foreigners in FY00, an average of 133,000 a month. Apprehensions fell by 24 percent in the first half of


Labor Exporters
Vietnam. As Vietnam steps up its export of labor, abuses are being exposed. In March 2001, 112 Vietnamese workers paid a total of $190,000 to

Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore
Malaysia's Industrial Court in April 2001 ruled that foreign workers should be given the same pay as local workers doing the same job. The case was

Korea: Migrants, Emigration
There were 499,000 foreigners in Korea on March 31, 2001, including 200,000 illegal foreigners. The Ministry of Justice said that it expected the

China Census, Hong Kong IT, Taiwan
Census. China's November 2000 census found 1,265,830,000 people, up by 132 million since 1990. Taiwan has 22 million residents; Hong Kong,

Japan: Illegals
Twice each year since 1992, Japan has estimated the number of illegal aliens in the country. The largest estimate was 299,000 in May 1993. The


France, Benelux
About half of the 120 security workers who guard the French entrance to the Channel Tunnel went on strike in mid-April, 2001, which led to an

Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey
Italy. Italians are scheduled to go to the polls on May 13, and the center-right opposition led by Silvio Berlusconi is expected to win a

Germany: Immigration, Fertility
Germany's Immigration Commission is expected to release its consensus recommendations by July 2001; the opposition CDU was expected to release

UK: Elections, Asylum, Smuggling
Britain is gearing up for elections in June 2001, and immigration is playing a major role in the campaign. The government's Commission for Racial

EU: Asylum, Enlargement, Welfare
The European Commission in April 2001 unveiled a proposal that would establish minimum standards for the reception of asylum applicants: all


Australia, New Zealand
Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock announced an increase of 6,000 places in the 2001-02 immigration program, bringing the total to 85,000, including

Africa: Migrants, Slavery
Economic conditions are deteriorating in Zimbabwe, and South Africa fears that as many as one million of the 12 million Zimbabweans may migrate

South Asia: India, Afghans
India. Trade in services can be a substitute for migration. India is rapidly developing call centers, places where operators handle customer

Gulf States: Amnesty
Oman in April 2001 announced that illegal foreign workers would have eight weeks from April 21 to obtain legal work permits or leave the country;