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June 2001, Volume 8, Number 6

The Americas

INS: Ziglar, 245(i), Border
James Ziglar, the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms with experience in the finance industry and government, was nominated to be INS commissioner. Ziglar is a

Administration, Congress
On May 5, 2001, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, President Bush became the first president to give his weekly radio speech in Spanish, followed by a speech

Labor: Guest Workers, H-1B
The US unemployment rate rose to 4.5 percent in April 2001, the highest since October 1998; the lowest rate was 3.9 percent in October 2000;

Mexico: Economy, NAFTA, Migrants
Presidents Bush and Fox met for the third time in May 2001. Fox said they talked about "an orderly system" through which Mexicans could work in the

Canada: C-11, Professionals, Mexicans
The Canadian government has offered major amendments to Canada's 1976 Immigration Act in Bill C-11, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. C-11

Integration: California, New York
California: Politics. Many political scientists have noted the growing gap between population shares and voter shares in California, in which

Latin America
El Salvador. There are about 6.1 million El Salvadorans in El Salvador, and 1.5 million El Salvadorans in the US. The country was hit by


China: Overseas, Rural, Taiwan
The Hong Kong government in May 2001 again urged the Court of Final Appeal to seek Beijing's opinion before ruling on a case in which the government

Korea: Illegals
The Justice Ministry reported that there were 200,600 foreigners illegally in the country in March 2001-40 percent of the 499,000 foreign residents

Southeast Asia
Thailand has become a hub for human smuggling and the selling of drugs and diamonds because of its easy immigration and customs procedures. African


EU: Freedom of Movement
In the continuing discussion of expansion the main sticking points in May 2001 were regional aid and freedom of movement. Freedom of movement means

Italy, UK: Elections
Italians went to the polls on May 13, 2001, and the center-right coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi's House of Freedom alliance won at least 360 of

Germany: New Immigration System?
Several immigration policy proposals were put forward in May 2001. A Christian Democratic Union committee chaired by Saarland Premier Peter Mueller

Eastern Europe, CIS
Hungary. The Hungarian government has proposed a law that would grant special Hungarian identification cards to three to four million ethnic

Benelux, France, Spain
Dutch Integration Minister Roger van Boxtel urged more immigration: "The entire European population is aging, so the demand for labor is rising. The

Greece, Turkey
Greece. There are an estimated 400,000 illegal migrants in Greece. In May, the government announced a May-August 2001 legalization period for


Australia: Legal, Asylum
Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock said that Australia needs to keep the annual immigration quota at 75,000 and favor skilled migrants over family

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Labor Ministry issued a report on May 8, 2001 calling for a reduction in the stock of foreigner workers from seven to

Africa: Asylum, Migrants
South Africa. Inkatha Freedom Party leader and Home Affairs Minister Mangosuthu Buthelezi has been trying for four years to get a new

South Asia
India-Bangladeshi. Some 500,000 Bangladeshis may have moved across the Brahmaputra River into the northeastern Indian state of Assam since

IOM. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has evolved from an agency that moved refugees and displaced people in the aftermath