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July 2001, Volume 8, Number 7

The Americas

INS: Border Deaths, Trafficking
In May 2001, 14 of 26 Mexican migrants attempting to enter the US died in a remote desert near Yuma, Arizona; the desert heat reached 120 to 130

Labor, H-1B
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in February 2000 seemingly endorsed immigration to maintain US economic growth, saying "The benefits of

Integration: California, New York
California. California's economy surpassed that of France to become the world's fifth largest in 2000, producing goods worth $1.33 trillion.

Polls, Hispanics, Asians
Polls. An April 2001 poll by the Pew Research Center found that about two-thirds of Americans are aware that blacks, Latinos and people of

Canada: Smuggling, PTKs
Canada's Parliament passed a revise Immigration Act on June 13 on a 135-84 vote that cracks down on human smuggling and refugees who are criminals.

Mexico: Economy, Census
President Vicente Fox in May 2001 announced a six-year National Development Plan that declares an end to big government and a drive for


China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Hong Kong. Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal indicated that a ruling in the last right of abode case may not be made until September 2001. The

Japan: IT, Illegals, Muslims
There were a record 1.7 million foreigners in Japan in January 2001, including 635,000 Koreans, followed by Brazilians, Filipinos, Peruvians and

Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Thailand
The Mekong Delta region--Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and the two southern Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Guangx -- has become a center

Korea: Migrants, Unions
There are about 500,000 foreigners working in Korea, of whom 300,000 are considered migrant workers, 200,000 illegal workers (including 40,000


EU: Trafficking, Enlargement
EU Justice and Home Affairs ministers, as part of efforts to set up a joint immigration and asylum policy, in May 2001 agreed: (1) to provide

UK: Elections, Violence, Smuggling
The UK held elections June 7, 2001, and the Labour party won 42 percent of the vote and 413 seats in the 659-seat House of Commons; the opposition

Germany: Policy Recommendations
Germany continues to get recommendations for a new immigration system. The opposition Christian Democratic Union-Christian Social Union released

Greece, Turkey: Smuggling
Turkey and Albania have emerged as the favorite jumping off points for smugglers taking migrants by boat to Greece and Italy. Turkey arrested 850

Italy, Spain
Italy. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi formed Italy's 59th post-World War II government in June 2001; a Forza Italia member, Claudio Scajola,

Eastern Europe
Slovakia. Slovak officials in May 2001 approved a plan that could make it harder for Slovak Roma to obtain passports, thus making it harder


Australia: Detention
Since 1994, Australia has, under a Labor government, detained foreigners who arrive without documents or on small boats. Most boat people who are

UNHCR, Trafficking
Every year the U.N. High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR, announces a budget and then seeks donations to obtain the funds to carry out planned

Israel: Migrants, Palestine
Israel's 6.2 million residents include 5.2 million Jewish citizens and one million Arab citizens. Since 1948, 2.9 million immigrants have arrived; 20

South Asia
India estimated in May 2001 that there are at least 12 million illegal Bangladeshi migrants in India's northeastern states. A spokesman for the All

Africa: AIDS, Migrants
US Secretary of State Colin Powell toured four African nations in May 2001, calling special attention to HIV/AIDs. Powell said: "It is an economic