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August 2001, Volume 8, Number 8

The Americas

Guest Workers, Legalization
The major immigration issues facing the new administration and Congress are: (1) whether and how to break up the INS into separate enforcement and

US Supreme Court Eases '96 Laws
Congress in 1996 enacted laws that lead to the deportation of immigrants who are convicted of felony crimes in the US, reduce the eligibility of

INS, Smuggling, Integration
James W. Ziglar, the nominee for commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, said in July 2001 that, if confirmed, his "primary goal

Labor, H-1B
The US unemployment rate rose to 4.5 percent in June 2001, up from 4.4 percent in May 2001, as employment fell by 114,000, meaning an average of

Mexico: Migrant Profile, Trucking
In June 2001, the US and Mexico announced new initiatives aimed at increasing safety along the 2,000-mile Mexico-US border. The US agreed to

Latin America: DR-Haiti, Argentina
Central America. President Vicente Fox of Mexico announced the Puebla-to-Panama Plan in June 2001, which will help Mexico and Central America


China: Rural, Tourism, Hong Kong
Rural China. The 800 million Chinese who live in 800,000 villages and 50,000 townships are increasingly squeezed by falling farm prices and

North Koreans
More North Koreans are crossing the Yalu and Tumen Rivers into China to escape from North Korea, and there is controversy about what to do about

Japanese Overstayers
The Justice Ministry is planning to increase the number of immigration officials by 1,100 over a five-ear period to deal with more foreign arrivals

Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia
Singapore's economy shrank for the first two quarters of 2001, putting the country in recession. Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines are


EU: Immigration, Enlargement
Immigration. The European Commission in July 2001 presented: (1) a draft directive that would give non-EU nationals greater freedom to travel

Germany: 50,000 Immigrants?
On July 4, 2001, a 21-member Immigration Commission appointed by Interior Minister Otto Schilly, and chaired by former CDU Parliament leader Rita

UK: Ethnic Violence
There has been violence between Asian and white youth and police in several northern English cities in summer 2001. Pakistani and Bangladeshi

France, Benelux
Several French cities have ordered night-time curfews for children under the age of 13 in response to a wave of car-burning and attacks on firemen in

Southern Europe
Italy. Italy's new minister of labor and welfare, Roberto Maroni, in July 2001 announced that immigrants must have a work contract/permit if

Russia, Ukraine, Armenia
Russia. The Russian government announced in July 2001 that it will encourage immigration by ethnic Russians in an attempt to counter the


Australia: Skilled, Students, Detention
Australia is a net gainer of skilled workers and managers. Over the five years to June 30, 2000, Australia had a net gain of 155,279 skilled workers,

South Africa, Zimbabwe
About 7.5 million South Africans--one in six--lack proper housing. The African National Congress (ANC) came to power in 1994 , generating high hopes

G-8, Dual Nationality, Racism
The leaders of the G-8 industrial nations met in Genoa, Italy in July 2001-United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Russia