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December 2001, Volume 8, Number 12

The Americas

Preventing Terrorism
In mid-November 2001, President Bush announced that foreigners charged with terrorism would be tried by special military tribunals, the first in the

INS: Organization, Border, Students
Organization. US Attorney General John Ashcroft in November 2001 announced a "wartime reorganization" of the Justice Department. It included a

Census, Labor, H-1B
Data from the American Community Survey (ACS) were released in November 2001, a year before the release of more detailed data collected from one in

Canada: Border
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan announced that Canada would accept 210,000 to 235,000 immigrants in 2002 - up from the 200,000 to

California: Education, Housing
In the late 1990s, many states have made it easier for unauthorized foreigners to be treated like other state residents in accessing education,

Mexico: Migration, PRI, Economy
Mexico-US talks on migration resumed on November 20, 2001, with Mexico highlighting the difference between Mexicans in the US to work and terrorists

Latin America
Dominican Republic. American Airlines Flight 587, memorialized in a Dominican song, crashed November 12, 2001 after taking off from New York's


China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
The State Development Planning Commission and the Finance Ministry in November 2001 ordered local governments not to charge internal migrants extra

Japan, Korea
There are 1.3 million people of Japanese ancestry in Brazil, the largest such population outside Japan. In 1990, Japan liberalized its immigration

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
Malaysia. Of the nine million workers in Malaysia, about 700,000 are foreigners. The government will continue to allow the recruitment of

Philippines: Remittances
The Central Bank of the Philippines reported that remittances were $2.7 billion in the first six months of 2001, including $1.6 billion, or 59


EU: Enlargement
The European Union in mid-November 2001 announced that 10 countries-- the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia,

UK, Ireland
The British government declared a "state of public emergency" in November 2001, which gives it power to detain foreigners suspected of terrorism for

Germany: Immigration, Labor
In early November 2001, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and its federal coalition partner Alliance 90/Greens agreed on an immigration proposal that

Denmark, France
Denmark. Danish Social Democratic Prime Minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, in power since 1993, was replaced in November 20 elections by a

Russia, Eastern Europe
Russia. Russia seems to have turned an economic corner, becoming a growing, politically stable and hopeful nation. Most experts credit the

Southern Europe
Italy. Italy and its central and eastern European neighbors announced at the Central European Initiative summit that they will work together


Australia: Howard Wins
The conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard was re-elected. Howard's victory was attributed largely to his August 2001 decision not to

Middle East: Amnesty
Many Gulf oil exporting countries have periodic "amnesties," during which foreigners who are not legal residents are allowed to leave without having

South Africa, Gold, Zimbabwe
South Africa. When apartheid ended after 46 years in 1994, and the African National Congress came to power, there were widespread expectations

Afghan Refugees
There was no flood of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran in October-November 2001, but travel agents, especially in Pakistan, did a brisk business

Trade, Demography, Inequality
Trade. The 142-member World Trade Organization met in Doha, Qatar in November 2001, and agreed to launch a fourth round of global trade

Jencks on Immigration
In reviewing fifteen books about immigration, Harvard sociologist Christopher Jencks discusses the chief questions of research and policy concerning

Bade: Germany and Migration
Klaus Bade is Germany's leading historian of migration, and this five-part, 450-page book provides a comprehensive history of migration from, to, and

Immigration Control in Europe
This 10-chapter book explores the politics and mechanisms of immigration control in Europe. It will prove useful to those interested in a summary of

Borjas: Heaven's Door
For the US, "Heaven's Door: Immigration Policy and the American Economy," a 12-chapter book, was the major immigration book of recent years. George

Emigration Dynamics
Appleyard, Reginald. Ed. 1998-99. Emigration Dynamics in Developing Countries. Four volumes: 1. Sub-Saharan Africa; 2. South Asia; 3. Mexico,

Europe: Immobility
This book opens with a provocative question: given the enormous differences between countries in prevailing incomes, rights, and security, why do