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January 2002, Volume 9, Number 1

The Americas

Terrorism, IDs, Saudis
The INS announced in December 2001 that the names of 314,000 foreigners ordered out of the US would be added to the National Crime Information

INS: Tyson, Airports, Detention
Tyson Foods Inc., one of the world's largest poultry processors, was indicted December 19, 2001, charged with 36 counts of recruiting illegal workers

Labor, H-1Bs, Unions
The US unemployment rate rose to 5.7 percent in November 2001; the Hispanic rate rose to 7.6 percent. Employment shrank by 1.2 million between March

California: Mexican IDs, Welfare
San Francisco became the first US city to officially recognize ID cards issued by Mexican consulates, matricula consular, for applicants seeking city

Mexico: More Migration, Remittances
Mexico's National Population Council released a report in December 2001 that concluded: "Migration between Mexico and the United States is a

Canada: Immigration, Security
In November 2001, Canada approved the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of 2001, which makes it easier to detain and deport illegal

Latin America
A 31-foot sailboat carrying 185 Haitians reached Florida after 10 days at sea in early December 2001. The boat left Cap Haitien, Haiti, about 625


China. Hong Kong
Hukou. On October 1, 2001, China relaxed its household registration or hukou system, adopted in 1958 to prevent rural-urban migration. Those

Japan, Korea
Japan's Justice Ministry plans to revise the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law so that foreign nationals who have proper visas to live

Southeast Asia
The Malaysian government in December 2001 said that it had 450,000 unauthorized foreigners, and that 10,000 a month would be returned in 2002.


EU: Terrorism, Enlargement, Euro
Anti-Terrorism. The EU Commission has proposed a common definition of terrorism and an EU-wide arrest warrant, as well as increased

UK: Immigration, Race Relations
In October 2001, Home Secretary David Blunkett announced that foreigners who are professionals would be allowed to enter the UK for one year under

Germany: Immigration Policy
Germany's SPD-Green coalition government wants an immigration law that would permit highly qualified foreigners to enter Germany as immigrants.

Northern Europe
During the 1990s, there were often clashes between neo-nazis and anti-racists over the presence of immigrants in Sweden- 22 percent of Swedish

Southern Europe
Spain. During the summer of 2001, more Africans than usual attempted to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in small boats between Morocco and


Australia, New Zealand
The Australian government pledged another A$10 million to the island of Nauru to accommodate 400 more boat people. In addition to this "goodwill

South Africa. Western Union suspended all services in South Africa in December 2001 because of local cash-flow and foreign exchange problems

Dec 18, UNHCR, Human Development
International Migrants Day is celebrated annually on December 18 each year, commemorating the December 18, 1990 United Nations approval of the