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July 2002, Volume 9, Number 7

The Americas

Homeland Security, INS
President Bush in June 2002 proposed that the INS be included in a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security that would also contain the

Welfare, Labor, H-1B
The Million Voices for Legalization campaign was launched by labor unions, religious groups and community organizations on May 15, 2002 to send one

Census, California, New York
Census 2000 income and poverty data for smaller areas were released in June 2002, and they found that inequality increased- the gains of the 1990s

Canada: New IDs, Terrorism
Beginning June 28, 2002, landed immigrants in Canada will be issued new wallet-sized Maple Leaf cards, replacing the easily forged IMM1000 paper

Mexico: Migration, Labor
Mexican President Vicente Fox in June 2002 said: "The negotiations over immigration are moving forward and we hope they will progress much more

Latin America
The US Census in 2000 found 139,000 Colombians in Florida, including 70,000 in Miami-Dade County, 30,000 in Broward and about 14,000 in Central


China, Hong Kong
China is revising its immigration policies to attract skilled and professional foreigners, including Chinese students educated abroad. Those admitted

Japan: Koreans in China
In June 2002, China agreed to allow 26 North Korean asylum seekers in the South Korean embassy to leave the country, ending a month-long standoff.

Korea: Registration
Korea had a registration period for the estimated 265,848 unauthorized foreigners between March 25 and May 29, 2002; those who registered may stay in

Southeast Asia
Middle-income developing countries such as Malaysia and Thailand are struggling with the issue of managing migrants who arrive from nearby countries


EU: Seville, Enlargement
European Union leaders held a summit in Seville, Spain in June 2002 that focused on efforts to reduce illegal immigration and to harmonize migration

Germany, Austria
German President Johannes Rau on June 20, 2002 signed into law the new German immigration law, giving Germany its first-ever regulated immigration

UK: Asylum, Labor
The UK moved to enact a new Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill in June 2002 that includes several controversial provisions, including a

Benelux, France
The Dutch Internal Security Agency reported that foreign groups were seeking to recruit Dutch Muslims to be fighters and terrorists. As Dutch

Northern Europe
Denmark. The Danish parliament, the Folketing, on May 31, 2002 approved legislation that restricts the right of foreigners to enter the

Southern Europe
Spain and Italy, with some of the world's lowest fertility rates (1.2 to 1.3 children per woman) have rightist governments that are attempting to

Russia, Eastern Europe
Russia. The European Union, followed by the US, announced in May-June 2002 that Russia was a full-market economy, paving the way for Russia to


Australia: Pacific Solution
Australia detains foreigners who arrive without papers authorizing their entry and does not allow boats bringing illegal foreigners to enter

Israel: Jews, Guest Workers
The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics reports that the Israeli population is 81 percent Jewish and 19 percent non-Jewish. However, Dr Asher Cohen

Africa: South Africa, Kenya
South Africa. Just three days before a June 2, 2002 constitutional court deadline, South African President Thabo Mbeki signed the Immigration

South Asia
Afghanistan. Between March and May 2002, some 840,000 Afghans returned to Afghanistan, one of the largest refugee repatriations ever, and

Trade, Kyoto
How fast can freer trade raise wages in developing nations? A study by Werner International concluded that, in many developing countries, the wages