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August 2002, Volume 9, Number 8

The Americas

Homeland Security, Legalization, Visas
Congress in July 2002 worked on its third major piece of legislation in response to September 11 terrorism, the creation of a cabinet-level

INS: Border, Naturalization
The INS in FY02 has 34,442 employees and a $5.5 billion budget. Between October 2001 and May 31, 2002, the Border Patrol apprehended

Labor: Social Security, Projections
The US unemployment rate was 5.9 percent in June 2002. California's rate was 6.4 percent; California payrolls increased by only 3,600 jobs in the

H-1Bs, Foreign Students
H-1B. Unemployment among US IT workers is rising and hourly wages for programmers have fallen since the slump began in mid-2000. The

Mexico: Clubs, H-Visas, Hernandez
Hometown Clubs. Mexico will hold national elections in 2006, and the race to succeed Vicente Fox has already begun. New to Mexican politics

Canada: Population, Asylum
Pope John Paul II visited Canada in July 2002, and there were many stories of young foreigners wanting to see the Pope denied visas to enter Canada.

Latin America: TPS, Haiti, Crime
TPS. After Hurricane Mitch in 1998 carved a path of destruction through Honduras and Nicaragua, some 105,000 Central American received


China: Migrants, North Korea, Economy
Internal migrants are beginning to protest ill treatment. In Nanxuan in Guangdong province, there were three days of rioting in July 2002 when police

Japan, South Korea
Japan had about 1.8 million foreign residents at the end of 2001; they were 1.4 percent of the 127 million residents. The largest groups included

Southeast Asia
Thailand. Thailand's immigration laws do not allow the importation of unskilled foreign workers, but there are an estimated 700,000 to 800,000


EU: Danes, Immigration, Enlargement
Denmark, which assumed the six-month EU presidency on July 1, 2002, also began implementing tough new immigration and asylum rules on July 1. The new

UK: Sangatte, Labor
Sangatte. In mid-July, 2002, France and the UK agreed that the Red Cross-operated center in Sangatte would be closed by April 2003. Since

Germany: Schily, Labor
Interior Minister Otto Schily said that Germany's new immigration law would enter into force January 1 ,2003, and that it is already having effects

Benelux, Northern Europe
Netherlands. The new center-right government, the first in 25 years, promises to be stricter on immigration, tougher on crime and less

Spain, Italy, Portugal
Spain-Morocco. Tensions between Spain and Morocco increased after Morocco on July 11,2002 occupied an uninhabited island 200 yards off its

Turkey, Albania, E. Europe
Tsar Nicholas I of Russia dubbed the Ottoman Empire "the sick man of Europe" just before going to war with the Ottomans, Britain and France in the


Australia: Detention, New Zealand, Fiji
In late June 2002, activists drove a car into a fence at the Woomera detention center, allowing 35 asylum applicants to escape. Two of those who

Israel, Arabs
Israel has about 300,000 foreign workers; most fill menial, low-paying jobs that used to be filled by Palestinians who began to be prevented from

Africa: South Africa, Refugee Returns, AIDS
South Africa. The Southern African Development Community includes 14 countries that are dependent on South Africa. As immigrants pour into

UN Population, UNFPA, UNDP, Trade
The United Nations Population Division in July 2002 estimated there were 185 million people living for 12 months or more outside their country of