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November 2002, Volume 9, Number 11

The Americas

INS: Removals, Border, Visas
Outgoing INS Commissioner James Ziglar, in an October 2002 speech, said that the United States "needs to find a way" to satisfy growing labor

Congress, Integration
245(i). Congress abandoned efforts to approve 245(i), which allows foreigners in the US illegally when their immigration visas become available to

Labor: H-2B, H-1B
The US unemployment rate was 5.6 percent in September 2002; California's rate was 6.3 percent, but job growth has slowed- California had fewer

Canada: Skilled Immigrants, Economy
Denis Coderre, the federal Immigration Minister, proposed that skilled immigrants could win points and improve their chances of entering Canada if

Mexico: Bush-Fox, Economy
A great deal has changed in the past year in Mexican-US relations. On September 5, 2001, President Bush said: "the United States has no more

Latin America
In six Latin American countries-- Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jamaica, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic--remittances were 10 percent or more


China: Migrants, Economy
The State Statistics Bureau reported that there are 120 million internal migrants in China in 2002; 58 percent were within the province where they

Southeast Asia
The Chinese disapora in southeast Asia, sometimes called the bamboo network, is fueling Chinese migration to Thailand, Cambodia, and other

Japan, Korea
Economy. Japan has many "zombie" companies that are being kept alive by credit alone, including for instance, construction companies that built


EU: Enlargement, Asylum
Irish voters in October 2002 voted 65-37 percent to approve the constitutional basis of the EU, the Treaty of Nice, paving the way for EU

UK: Asylum; Ireland
Britain in October 2002 announced that the 10 states expected to join the EU in 2004, including Poland and the Czech Republic, are presumed to be

Germany: New Law, Integration
Germany's new immigration law is scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2003. However, Germany's major opposition parties have asked the

France, Benelux
On October 19, more than 5,000 people marched through Paris to demand residency permits for illegal migrants. Similar marches occurred in

Portugal, Italy, Turkey
Portugal has an estimated 200,000 migrants from the ex-USSR, chiefly from Ukraine, Romania, Moldavia; they are half of the 400,000 migrants in

Eastern Europe
Russia's Foreign Ministry in October 2002 stopped issuing invitations for multi -entry visas as it transfers part of its visa duties to the

Northern Europe
Sweden's Social Democrats won 40 percent of the vote in September 2002 elections and retained control of the coalition government. However, the


New Zealand, Australia
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wants to restrict immigration to New Zealand and tighten asylum processing. In October 2002, Peters

Africa: Ivory Coast
The Ivory Coast has millions of migrants from nearby countries, including Burkina Faso and Mali. A military coup in 1999 led to instability since

Middle East
Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Interior Minister confirmed on October 14 that the government will start fingerprinting Americans entering the kingdom.

Trends: Population, Migration, Food
Population. During the 20th century, the world's population quadrupled, and the share in rural areas fell sharply, from 86 percent in 1900 to 53