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July 2006, Volume 13, Number 3

The Americas

Senate Approves CIRA
The Senate approved the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (S2611) on a 62-36 vote on May 25, 2006. CIRA deals with border enforcement in Title 1,

ICE. The GAO testified on June 21, 2005 that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has made worksite enforcement a "low priority," reducing the

Demonstrations, Polls, States
May 1, 2006 was billed as "A Day Without Immigrants" or the Great American Boycott of 2006. Perhaps a million immigrants and their supporters

Immigrants and Wages, H-1B, Nurses
About 15 percent of the 150 million strong US labor force are immigrants, including five percent who are unauthorized. About 20 percent of US

Census, Students, Poverty
The US population is on track to surpass 300 million in October 2006. In 1967, when the US population reached 200 million, there were fewer than 10

Mexico, Canada
Mexican Migrants. Mexican President Vicente Fox, visiting Sacramento on May 25, 2006, called the CIRA approved by the US Senate a ''monumental step

Latin America
A smuggler, Narciso Ram¡rez (also known as Don Chicho), was elected mayor of the municipality of San Francisco Menendez near the Salvadoran border


China: Students, GDP
There are 39,000 Chinese in the US slated to be deported to China. In April 2006, China agreed to speed up the process of verifying their Chinese

Japan, Korea
Since 1990, ethnic Japanese have been allowed to move to Japan and work. About 20 percent of Japan's two million foreigners are Nikkei, second- or

Southeast Asia
Thailand. A December 20, 2005 cabinet resolution calls on Thai employers to register their unauthorized foreign workers


EU: EU-8, Aging
The EU added 10 new members May 1, 2004, raising the total from 15 to 25. Eight eastern and central European states had significant populations and

France, Germany, Benelux
France. As in the US, about 75 percent of the immigrants arriving in France each year join family members already settled there. In an effort to

UK: EU-8, EU-2, Ireland
Some 161,780 foreigners became British citizens in 2005; 70 percent were from Africa and Asia. About 29,300 foreigners and their dependents applied

Russia: CIS Migrants
There are about 10 illegal foreign workers in Russia for every legal migrant. Russia had about 460,000 legal foreign workers in 2004, including 48

Southern Europe
Spain. During the first five months of 2006, over a thousand African migrants a month arrived in the Canary Islands from Senegal, usually coming in


Australia: Migrants, New Zealand
Australia issued 49,855 temporary visas to skilled workers and their family members in 2004-05, and 39,500 in the first six months of 2005-06. After

Middle East
Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia continues to struggle with Saudiization, the policy of replacing migrants with especially young Saudis whose unemployment

Somalis are attempting to leave by boat for Yemen, a two-day journey that can lead to jobs in oil-exporting nations. Fighting between Islamic and

ILO, World Bank
ILO. The ILO reported that in 2005, there were 4.6 billion people 15 and older, and that 3.1 billion were in the world's labor force, including 2.6

UN: Migration and Development
The UN released a 90-page report on international migration and development in June 2006, estimating there were 191 million migrants in 2005,