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January 2007, Volume 14, Number 1

The Americas

Elections, Voters, Arizona
Democrats won control of both houses of Congress in November 2006 elections, raising expectations for immigration reform. With most Democrats and

CBP. On November 2, 2006, DHS announced a plan to screen all people who enter and leave the United States, creating a terrorism risk profile of each

Labor, H-1B, Trade
The US unemployment rate hit a five-year low of 4.4 percent in October 2006, as the service sector added jobs; the rate was 4.5 percent in November

Population, Students, Health
The US population surpassed 300 million in October 2006. In 1880, the US had 50 million residents. In 1915, the US had 100 million and in 1967, 200

Mexico: Jobs, Politics, NAFTA
Mexican President Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party (PAN) took office on December 1, 2006, promising to be Mexico's "jobs president."

Canada: Immigration, Migrants
Canada received 262,236 immigrants in 2005, including 44,000 Chinese and 33,000 Indians; the target for 2006 is 225,000 to 255,000, and for 2007

Latin America: Remittances, Asylum, Trade
The Inter-American Development Bank in October 2006 predicted that remittances from the United States to Latin America will surpass $45 billion in


Asian Labor Migration 2006
East Asian economies generally grew fast in 2005, and unemployment declined in the major economies that attract foreign workers. Some countries

China: Migrants, Environment
The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture reported that there were 115 million migrants registered to live in rural areas but working in urban areas in

Japan, Korea
Foreign trainees work in Japan for one year; they can remain two more years as advanced trainees at higher wages. Trainees often work long hours for

Southeast Asia
Thailand. Some 200,000 migrants have work permits due to expire February 28, 2007, and another 460,000 have permits expiring on June 30, 2007. The

South Asia
India is growing and changing, but still poor. For example, about 40 percent of Indians over the age of 15 are illiterate, while 10 percent of those


EU Enlarges, Discourages Turkey
Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU on January 1, 2007, giving the EU 27 members. Incomes in the so-called A2 countries are about 25 percent of the

UK: Migrants, Integration
Another 59,000 EU-8 migrants registered to work in the UK in summer 2006, bringing the total to 510,000 since May 1, 2004 (these worker registration

Netherlands: Muslims, Removals
Just before Dutch voters went to the polls on November 22, 2006, the center-right government announced that it planned to introduce legislation to

France: Suburbs; Spain
The New York Times reported on October 21, 2006 that tensions between police and youth of Arab and African immigrants remain high in Paris suburbs a

Germany: Migration, Poland
Germany's immigration law went into effect on January 1, 2005, and in July 2006, a first evaluation was published

Russia: Migrants, China
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that beginning January 15, 2007, foreigners will find it easier to obtain work and residence permits, and


Australia, New Zealand
Australian employers sponsored 40,000 foreigners for skilled 457 work visas in 2005-06, up from 21,000 in 2000-01. A third of 457 workers earn the

Middle East: Migrants
Human Rights Watch has issued several reports on conditions of migrants in oil-rich Gulf states. In a November 2006 report on migrants in the UAE,

Africa: Brain Drain, Children
Does the emigration of professionals slow or accelerate development in Africa? Most African leaders and development specialists believe human

Global: Remittances, Wealth
Remittances to developing countries surpassed ODA in the mid-1990s, when the monies sent by migrants topped $70 billion, and in 2006 remittances of

Immigration Statistics 2005
The US admitted 1.1 million immigrants in FY05, the sixth highest number on record. In FY91, the US admitted 1.8 million immigrants and in FY90 1.5

MPI: A New Chapter
Abraham, Spencer and Lee H. Hamilton. 2006. Immigration and America's Future: A New Chapter. Migration Policy Institute.

OECD: International Migration Outlook
The OECD released its 2006 SOPEMI report under a new title, International Migration Outlook (IMO). It emphasized that immigration flows to OECD

IMISCOE ( is a network of 450 researchers affiliated with 22 European research institutes examining migration, integration and social

The Quest for Global Talent
International migrants are bunched at the extremes of the education ladder, in that most have a college degree or more or have not completed