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October 2007, Volume 14, Number 4

The Americas

DHS: No-Match Enforcement
On August 10, 2007, the Department of Homeland Security announced 26 measures to discourage illegal immigration, including enlisting the Social

DHS: Border, Interior, Services
Border. SBInet, a system of cameras, radar and unmanned aerial vehicles aimed at monitoring the Mexico-US border, has not met expectations, according

Congress: Incremental Reform, Trafficking
Comprehensive immigration reform stalled in the Senate in June 2007, when opponents of legalization or amnesty were able to block consideration of a

H-1B, Labor, Trade
DHS reported that 821,006 temporary foreign workers were admitted in FY06, up from 726,535 in FY05; these data double-count individuals admitted

Population, States and Cities, Integration
The Department of Homeland Security estimated that there were 11.6 million unauthorized foreigners in the US in January 2006, including 6.6 million

Canada: Immigrants, Sanctions, Refugees
Immigrants have a harder time finding jobs in Quebec than in other provinces. The unemployment rate for the foreign-born was 9.2 percent in 2006 in

Mexico: Remittances, NAFTA, Taxes
Mexican President Felipe Calder¢n used the occasion of his September 1, 2007 Informe (State of the Union address) to criticize DHS's announcement of

Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador
The Wall Street Journal on July 23, 2007 reported that the Coast Guard is using tougher tactics to stop boats smuggling Cubans to the US. President


China, Taiwan
China's economy and society are being transformed by rural-urban migration. In 1978, before market reforms began, about 70 percent of Chinese were

Japan, Korea
The number of foreigners living in Japan almost doubled between 1990 and 2004, from one million to two million; Japan has 128 million residents.

Southeast Asia
Thailand. At least four Thai provinces, beginning with Phuket in December 2006, have enacted decrees that prohibit migrants from using mobile phones

South Asia, Iraq
India. The New York Times on September 7, 2007 reported on the effects of migration on Kerala, which has 1.8 million migrants abroad, mostly in

Gulf States, Israel
UAE. The New York Times on August 6, 2007 reported on the problems of migrant construction workers in Dubai, noting that 1.2 million, mostly Indians


EU: Blue Cards, Turkey, Air Travelers
EU Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security Franco Frattini is pushing a Blue EU Labor Card program that would admit non-EU professionals and

UK, Ireland
The UK reported that, by June 2007, some 683,000 foreigners from the 10 countries that joined the EU on May 1, 2004 (plus Bulgaria and Romania) had

France, Germany, Switzerland
The French Parliament in September 2007 debated a bill that would require non-French speakers joining family members in France to study French at

Turkey, Spain, Italy
Turkey. Turks went to the polls on July 22, 2007 and gave the Islamic-influenced Justice and Development Party (AK) 47 percent of the vote. The AK

Eastern Europe, Russia
Nine of the 10 countries that became EU members on May 1, 2004 will join the so-called Schengen zone on December 31, 2007 (Cyprus will keep some


Australia, New Zealand
Australia admitted 148,200 immigrants in 2006-07, including almost 24,000 New Zealanders and 23,000 Britons, 13,500 Indians, 12,000 Chinese, and

Africa: Migrants, Nurses
The number of African migrants using small boats to cross the Mediterranean dropped by a third in summer 2007, which Italy and Spain attributed to

Global: Remittances, Aging, Aid
The World Bank reported that inward remittances totaled $276 billion in 2006, double the $131 billion in 2000 and the $102 billion in 1995. Some

OECD: Immigration 2007
The four-part OECD immigration report for 2007 reviews migration flows, the status of immigrant workers and recent changes in migration policies in

OFLC: Labor Certification Report
The US Department of Labor's Office of Foreign Labor Certification released a report in September 2007 emphasizing its role to help "meet American