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October 2008, Volume 15, Number 4

The Americas

Candidates, E-Verify, Visas
Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Barack Obama (D-IL) have supported "comprehensive immigration reform," which means coupling more enforcement with a

ICE: Agriprocessors, No-Match
In FY07, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency arrested 4,940 migrants in workplace raids and made 863 criminal arrests. In FY08, ICE

Unauthorized, Population, States and Cities
Unauthorized. The US Department of Homeland Security in September 2008 estimated there were 11.8 million unauthorized foreigners in the US in January

H Programs, PERM, Labor
H-1B. DHS on April 4, 2008 issued an "emergency rule" to lengthen Optional Practical Training (OPT) for foreign graduates of US universities from 12

Canada: Migrants, Experience, Roma
Western Canada is booming as construction linked to the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver and the extraction of oil from the tar sands of Alberta

Mexico: Migration, Remittances, Economy
Mexico's National Population Council (Conapo) in August 2008 reported that 11.8 million Mexican-born persons lived in the US and that their number

Dominican Republic, Brazil
Dominican Republic. The constitution of the Dominican Republic offers jus soli citizenship— those born on Dominican Republic soil can become


China: Hukou, Hong Kong, Taiwan
In a huge internal migration, millions of Chinese have moved from the rural homes where they are registered to cities. The Ministry of Housing and

Japan, Korea
Japan is using ethnic Japanese from Latin America, foreign students who work part time, and foreign trainees to fill so-called 3-D (dirty, difficult

Southeast Asia
Malaysia. Malaysia had almost 2.2 million foreign workers at the end of 2007, including 1.8 million legal foreign workers, 316,000 irregular foreign

South Asia: A Special Report
Labor migration from South Asia mostly involves: (1) workers going to work with two- or three-year contracts to the Gulf oil exporters; (2) a high


EU: Blue Card, Marriage, Pensions
Blue Card. EU interior ministers agreed on September 25, 2008 to implement the Blue Card program to fast-track the entry of skilled non-EU

Germany, France, Benelux
Germany. When Germany in July 2008 announced that it would maintain restrictions until 2011 on workers from the so-called A8 countries that joined

UK, Five Tiers; Ireland
Between May 2004 and May 2008, over 875,000 workers from the so-called A8 Eastern European countries that joined the EU on May 1, 2004 applied for

Spain, Italy, Turkey
Spain. Over 11 percent of Spain's 46 million residents are foreigners; three-fourths arrived since 2000. Many found jobs in Spain's booming

Northern, Eastern Europe
Norway. The Norwegian Farmers Union, which demonstrated against increased food imports in July 2008, admitted that 70 percent of Norwegian farms hire


Australia, New Zealand
Immigration Minister Chris Evans in July 2008 announced that Australia would end its policy of detaining asylum seekers who arrive without visas.

Middle East: Sponsorship, Maids
The Saudi government in July 2008 announced that it was considering an end to the kafalah sponsorship system, which requires migrant workers to have

South Africa: Riots, Policy
At least 62 people, a third of them South Africans, were killed in anti-immigrant violence in May-June 2008, prompting 20,000 foreigners to move into

Global: Remittances, Migrants
Remittances. The World Bank estimated that global remittances in 2007 were $337 billion, including $251 billion or 82 percent flowing to developing