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January 2009, Volume 16, Number 1

The Americas

Obama, Napolitano, States
Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) was elected president on November 4, 2008. Immigration is not likely to be among the first issues to be tackled by the

DHS: No-Match, E-Verify, Sanctions
Outgoing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in December 2008 asserted that DHS had begun to "reverse the tide of illegal

Labor, H-1B, Census
The US unemployment rate rose to 7.2 percent in December 2008, the highest rate since 1994, as payroll employment shrank by almost 20,000 jobs per

Canada: Immigration, Migrants
Canada admitted 236,758 permanent resident immigrants and 115,470 temporary foreign workers in 2007. The Philippines was the number-one source of

Mexico: Migrants, NAFTA, Drugs
Many Mexican migrants left the US in Fall 2008, including many who lost their US jobs. Some suggested that the return to Mexico would become

Latin America
Latin America, with 575 million people and a $3.5 trillion economy, should be the focus of renewed US attention, according to a November 2008


China: Migrants, Recession, Land; Taiwan
At least 10 percent of Chinese are internal migrants, some 130 million, meaning they are living and often working away from the place in which they

Japan, Korea
There have been more deaths than births in Japan since 2005, and the population is projected to shrink from 127 million in 2008 to 102 million in

Southeast Asia
Thailand. Thailand has an estimated two million migrant workers from neighboring Burma, Cambodia, and Laos, but fewer than 500,000 registered

South Asia
Bangladesh. Bangladesh reported that 875,000 migrants were deployed in 2008, up from 832,000 in 2007. Remittances in 2008 were estimated to be $9

Middle East: GCC, SA, UAE
The Gulf Cooperation Council member-states, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, are developing an integrated


EU: A8, Pact, Blue Cards
Unemployment rose in Europe in Fall 2008, and is expected to increase further in 2009. Countries with recent influxes of migrant construction

Spain, Italy, Turkey
Spain. Spain had an extraordinary economic boom until 2007 centered on construction. The share of foreigners in the Spanish work force rose from

UK, Ireland
Net immigration added 237,000 people to the UK in 2007, up from 191,000 in 2006; immigration peaked at 244,000 in 2004. Most immigrants who remain

France, Germany, Sweden
France. Police in October 2008 cleared a camp near Calais of up to 1,000 migrants hoping to board trains, travel to the UK, and apply for asylum.

Russia, Mongolia
A migrant worker from Tajikistan was beheaded in Moscow in December 2008, and the Militant Organization of Russian Nationalists claimed


Australia, New Zealand
Australia received 159,000 immigrants in 2007-08, including 108,000 skilled migrants and their family members. Some 35,300 immigrants were from New

Africa: Youth, Migrants
There are about a billion people in Africa, up from 224 million in 1950. The UN projects that Africa will have almost two billion people in 2050.

Remittances and Recession
The World Bank estimated remittances to developing countries at $283 billion in 2008, up from $265 billion in 2007 and $229 billion in 2006.