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October 2009, Volume 16, Number 4

The Americas

Obama, E-Verify, Future Flows
Meeting with the Mexican and Canadian presidents in Guadalajara, Mexico on August 10, 2009, President Obama said that comprehensive immigration

DHS: Border, Interior, Services
The number of unauthorized foreigners in the US fell from 12.5 million in summer 2007 to 10.8 million in early 2009, according to an analysis of

Unemployment, H-1B
The federal minimum wage rose from $6.55 to $7.25 an hour on July 24, 2009. About 2.2 million workers were paid the federal minimum wage in 2008;

Health Care: Unauthorized
The US spends over $2 trillion a year on health care, but 46 million US residents lack coverage during a typical year. High and rising costs and

Mexico: Migrants, Remittances, 3x1
Almost 12 million Mexican-born residents live in the US, including some seven million who are unauthorized. Mexico has 110 million residents in

Canada: Migrants, Visas, Asylum
Canada issued 192,519 visas to temporary foreign workers in 2008, up from 113,000 in 2004. Newly arrived migrants included 25,063 farm workers, up

Latin America
CARICOM. CARICOM is a 15-member organization of Caribbean states that promotes free trade and migration. There are significant wage gaps between


China: Migrants, Uighurs
Rural-urban migrants seeking higher wages fill many urban manufacturing and construction jobs. These internal migrants, who typically return to

Japan, Korea
Japan has had the world's second largest economy for decades, but in 2010 may slip to third place in global rankings as China's economy continues to

Southeast Asia
Thailand. A million foreign workers registered during the July 2009 registration program. Those registering with the Ministry of Interior were 73

South Asia
Bangladesh. Bangladeshi migrants are preferred by some foreign employers because of their willingness to work for low wages, usually $150 to $250 a


EU: Unemployment, Muslims
Unemployment in the 27-nation EU reached 22 million or nine percent in July 2009; in the 16-nation Euro region, the unemployment rate was 9.5

France, Germany, Benelux
France. Immigration Minister Eric Besson ordered the so-called "jungle" that housed Iraqis and Afghanis seeking entry to the UK near the entrance to

UK: Migrant Restrictions; Ireland
The British unemployment rate was 7.8 percent in the second quarter of 2009, meaning that 2.4 million workers were jobless, including over 900,000

Spain, Italy, Balkans
Spain. Spain's economy expanded at an average annual rate of 3.8 percent between 1997 and 2007, attracting over four million migrants. The number of

Northern Europe, Russia
Norway. Norwegians on September 14, 2009 re-elected the ruling Labor-led coalition government. The Progress Party, which wants to reduce immigration


Australia, New Zealand
Australia accepted 171,300 immigrants in 2008-09, plus 13,500 refugees and 47,800 New Zealanders, for a total 232,600 newcomers, up from 219,100 the

Middle East: Bahrain, UAE, Israel
The 13 million foreign workers in the six Gulf Cooperation Council nations are 37 percent of residents. Bahrain. About half of the million

Africa: Migrants, SA, USAID
IOM estimated that 30,000 African professionals a year leave the continent for industrial countries. The 2008-09 recession encouraged some Africans

UN Migration, WB Remittances
UN Migration. The UN released migration stock estimates for 2010, projecting that the number of migrants will rise from 195 million in 2005 to 214

HDR 2009: Mobility = Human Development
The UNDP's Human Development Report 2009, released October, 5 2009, explored the potential for migration to expand people's choices and substantive

Recession and Migration, OECD
The global recession appeared to have bottomed out in summer 2009. However, the economic recovery is expected to be slow, and unemployment is

Climate Change and Migration
The UN's high-level summit on climate change brought 100 world leaders to New York in September 2009. The major issue was whether China and the US,