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July 2010, Volume 17, Number 3

The Americas

Arizona, Polls, REPAIR
Arizona enacted a law in April 2010 making it a crime for unauthorized foreigners to be in the state, prompting Senate Democrats to announce a

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS, Data
Some of the expensive projects rushed from lab to field by the Department of Homeland Security to prevent entries over the Mexico-US border have

Labor, H-1B, Education
The US unemployment rate fell from 9.9 percent in April 2010 to 9.7 percent in May 2010 as the economy added 431,000 jobs, including 411,000

Canada, Mexico
Canada plans to admit about 265,000 immigrants in 2010, including 157,000 in the economic stream; 71,000 for family unification; and 37,000 refugees

South America
In 2008, the US had about 11.4 million Mexican-born residents, followed by 3.4 million born in Caribbean countries, 2.8 million born in Central


China: Migrants, Strikes
The Ministry of Agriculture's Research Centre for Rural Economy reported in summer 2010 that the real incomes of rural households rose 15 percent in

Japan, Korea
Japan's population of 127 million has been stable since 2000; there were about 2.2 million foreigners in Japan in 2008, up from 1.7 million in 2000.

Southeast Asia
Thailand. The Thai government continued its efforts to legalize up to two million migrant workers from neighboring Burma, Cambodia, and Laos in 2010.

South Asia
Bangladesh. The government in May 2010 approved the creation of an Expatriate Welfare Bank to help migrants remit foreign earnings at low cost to

Middle East
Bahrain. About 77 percent of Bahrain's 594,000 workers in March 2010 were migrants from other countries, including 300,000 Indians. Bahrain is


EU: Policy, Internal Migrants
Policy. EU leaders adopted a European pact on immigration and asylum in October 2008, setting out the principles behind a number of EU laws. The

France, Germany, Benelux
France. President Nicolas Sarkozy's government in May 2010 introduced a bill that would ban full veils known as niqabs, which leave only slits for

Italy, Spain, Greece
Italy. The estimated number of foreigners in Italy almost tripled between 1998 and 2008 from 1.5 million to 4.5 million, eight percent of Italian

Russia, Eastern, Northern Europe
Russia. The government enacted a law in May 2010 that would made it easier for highly skilled foreigners earning at least two million rubles


Australia, New Zealand
Australia, with 22 million residents, admitted 171,318 immigrants in 2008-09, including 114,777 admitted after at least one family member achieved

South Africa, North, West Africa
South Africa is a country of 50 million that attracts migrants from neighboring countries, including Zimbabwe (population 12 million) and Mozambique

Global: Migrants, Remittances, Jobs
The world's GDP was $58 trillion in 2008, and shrank by almost one percent in 2009; the GDP of the OECD countries shrank by 3.3 percent in 2009. The