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October 2010, Volume 17, Number 4

The Americas

Arizona, Obama, Congress
There were an estimated 11 million unauthorized foreigners in the US in 2010; about 60 percent or 6.6 million were Mexicans. Most of the 12 million

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS, RICO
The Pew Hispanic Center reported in September 2010 that the number of unauthorized foreigners entering the United States fell from 850,000 a year

Unemployment, H-1B, Post-docs
The US private sector added jobs every month in 2010, over 820,000 in the first nine months, but these new jobs have so far have made only a small

Poverty, Population, Education
Poverty. About 44 million US residents, 14.3 percent, had incomes below the poverty line in 2009, the highest poverty rate since 1994. About 20

Canada, Mexico
Canada has one of the world's highest rates of immigration. The 250,000 immigrants who arrive during a typical year increase the country's 32

Latin America
The Caribbean Community ( is an organization of 15 Caribbean nations and dependencies that promotes economic integration, including


China: Migrants and Hukou, Tibet
The National Population and Family Planning Commission of China in June 2010 reported 211 million migrants. The average age of migrants was 27 and

Japan: Trainees, Korea: Migrants
Trainees. There are about 190,000 foreign trainees in Japan, and some are overworked and underpaid. Japan's international trainee program aims to

Southeast Asia
Thailand. The Thai government has managed labor migration from neighboring Burma, Cambodia and Laos between the early 1990s and 2009 by periodically

South Asia
Bangladesh. Remittances to Bangladesh were $11 billion in 2009, up from $9.7 billion in 2008. Some 202,800 Bangladeshi migrants went abroad in the

Gulf, Middle East
Dubai was a center of the world construction boom in 2006-07, attracting migrants from South Asia and elsewhere to help build the world's tallest


EU: Mobility, Frontex, Menz
The 27 member states of the EU had 501 million residents at the end of 2009; about two-thirds of the 1.4 million net growth in EU population during

UK: Migrant Cap
The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government elected in May 2010 promised to reduce net migration into the UK to "tens of thousands, not

France: Roma; Germany: Sarrazin
France. President Nicolas Sarkozy's government in September 2010 enacted a law banning from public places full veils known as niqabs or burkas that

Italy, Spain, Turkey
Italy. Italy's foreign population tripled between 1998 and 2008, from 1.5 million to 4.5 million (including at least 500,000 irregular foreigners).

Denmark, Sweden
Denmark. Denmark has about 450,000 migrants among its 5.5 million residents. The ruling coalition government excludes the Danish People's Party,


Australia: Migrants
Australia. Australia's population is about 22.2 million; it increased by 432,000 in 2009, maintaining a growth rate of about two percent a year.

Africa: Regions, South Africa
The 50+ African countries have created a half-dozen free-trade areas, many of which aimed for free trade and freedom of movement by the end of the

Global: OECD, Remittances, GMG
Migration over national borders is sometimes called the third wave of globalization; the first two are the movement of goods (trade) and the movement