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January 2011, Volume 18, Number 1

The Americas

Elections, DREAM, SB 1070, States
The midterm elections on November 2, 2010 resulted in Republicans winning a majority of House seats and a reduced Democratic majority in the Senate.

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS
The US had an estimated 11.1 million unauthorized foreigners in 2009, including 60 percent Mexicans, 20 percent other Latin Americans, and 11 percent

Labor, H-1B, Temps
The US unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in November 2010; 15.1 million workers were jobless. Private-sector employers added an average of

Census, ACS, Education
Census. The US population rose from 281 million in 2000 to 309 million in 2010, up almost 10 percent; during the 1990s, the US population rose by 13

Canada, Mexico
Canada. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in November 2010 announced that Canada would admit 240,000 to 265,000 immigrants in 2011. He said: "I

Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela
Costa Rica's per capita income of $11,000 a year is about four times higher than per capita income in neighboring Nicaragua, prompting many


China: Census, Migrants
China conducted its 2010 census in November 2010; projections suggest there are 1.4 billion people, half in rural areas. The 2000 census reported

Japan, Korea
Japan had about 2.2 million foreign residents in 2009, including 943,000 permanent residents (410,000 were Koreans who settled in Japan before the

Southeast Asia
Thailand. Beginning January 1, 2012, migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar in Thailand must pay 2,400 baht ($80) in six monthly

South Asia
Bangladesh. Some 380,000 Bangladeshis went abroad to work in 2010, down from 470,000 in 2009 and over 800,000 in 2008. As in the past, about

Gulf, Israel
UAE. United Arab Emirates Labor Minister Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash in November 2010 said that the sponsorship or Kafeel system was "here to stay" in


EU: Blue Card, Migrants, Euro
EU leaders approved the Blue Card Directive of May 25, 2009 (2009/50/EC) to increase the inflow of highly skilled foreigners into EU countries

UK: Migrants; Ireland
Between 1997 and 2009, net migration to the UK was 2.2 million, an average 183,000 a year. Net migration was 198,000 in 2009, including 93 percent

France, Germany, Switzerland
France expelled Roma or gypsies in July 2010 who had established camps around major cities from which they sought day labor jobs and engaged in petty

Greece-Turkey, Spain, Italy
Greece-Turkey. About 90 percent of the foreigners apprehended trying to enter the EU illegally in 2010, 128,000, were detected in Greece, up from 75

Sweden, Russia
Sweden. The Swedish government on December 15, 2008 made it easier for Swedish employers to hire non-EU workers by eliminating labor certification,


Australia, New Zealand
Australia, a country of 22 million, has been accepting about 130,000 employment and family immigrants and almost 400,000 temporary foreign workers

South Africa, Mozambique
South Africa. Among South Africa's 50 million residents, up to 10 percent are migrants from other countries. The largest group of migrants is

WB: Remittances Up
The World Bank estimated that migrants sent $325 billion to developing countries in 2010, up from $307 billion in 2009. India received $55 billion

Global: Governance, Population, HDI
The UN approved an International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families December 18, 1990.

IOM: World Migration Report
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been publishing a biennial World Migration Report (WMR) since 2000. Its fifth report,