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July 2011, Volume 18, Number 3

The Americas

States: Enforcement
Arizona. The US Supreme Court in May 2011 upheld Arizona's Legal Arizona Workers Act in a 5-3 decision. LAWA, signed into law by then-governor and

Reform: Obama, Congress
President Obama in spring 2011 several times urged Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reforms that include stepped-up border and interior

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS
Border. Apprehensions of unauthorized foreigners just inside the Mexico-US border dropped from 1.7 million in FY2000 to 463,000 in FY10. The number

Labor, Immigrants, H-1B
The US economy added 54,000 jobs in May 2011, down from 244,000 jobs added in April 2011; the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent from nine

Population, Health, Education
In 1970, the US had fewer than 10 million foreign-born residents; three-fourths of the foreign-born were non-Hispanic whites. In 2010, the US had

Canada, Mexico
Canada has a high rate of immigration, accepting about 250,000 immigrants a year (280,000 in 2010). High levels of immigration and large numbers of


China: Migrants, Economy
China released the results of its 2010 census in April 2011, reporting 1.33 billion residents in 2010, up 74 million between 2000 and 2010 and

Japan, Korea
Japan and Korea officially welcome skilled immigrants, and want more. Both are zero net migration countries, with about as many natives and

Southeast Asia
ASEAN leaders, during a 2007 meeting in Cebu, Philippines, adopted a Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers.

South Asia, Gulf
Bangladesh. The Fourth Ministerial Consultation of Colombo Process was held in Dhaka in April 2011. During the meeting, Bangladesh announced the


EU: A8, Economy, Policy
There were 32 million foreigners in the EU 27 countries in 2010, making foreigners about six percent of the 500 million residents. Almost all of

UK: Migrants
Nearing the one-year anniversary of its election in May 2011, the coalition government continued its drive to reduce immigration from the "hundreds

France, Germany, Benelux
France. The French government challenged the notion that France needs low-skilled migrants in May 2011, when Interior Minister Claude Gueant said

Spain, Greece, Turkey
Spain. African migrants continue to arrive in Spain despite the severe recession. Many experience hardship rather than economic success. Up to

Northern, Eastern Europe
Denmark. The Danish People's Party, part of the ruling coalition government, in June 2011 persuaded the government to re-erect border controls. The


Australia, New Zealand
Australia plans to admit 168,700 immigrants in 2010-11, about the same number as in 2009-10, including 114,000 skilled immigrants and their families

North Africa: Migrants
Demonstrations led to the downfall of entrenched leaders in Tunisia and Egypt in winter 2011 and prompted NATO to provide assistance to rebels in

Remittances, Recruitment, Circulation
Remittances to developing countries were $325 billion in 2010 and are expected to be higher in 2011.

OECD. The OECD reported that 4.2 million permanent-type migrants moved into 23 OECD member states in 2008, down from 4.5 million in 2007. The OECD