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October 2011, Volume 18, Number 4

The Americas

Congress: E-Verify, States, Republicans, 9/11
The House Judiciary Committee approved the Legal Workforce Act (HR 2164) to phase in E-Verify for all US employers over four years, with the smallest

DHS: Secure Communities, I-9 Audits
There were an estimated 11 million unauthorized foreigners in the US in 2010, including 6.5 million or 60 percent Mexicans. Half of all unauthorized

Labor, H-1B, J-1
The US unemployment rate averaged 9.1 percent in summer 2011, when there were about 14 million unemployed workers, including 6.2 million who were

Immigration, Population
The US had 40 million foreign-born residents in 2010, including 14 million new legal and unauthorized settlers who arrived since 2000; foreign-born

Canada, Mexico
Canada admitted a record 280,000 immigrants in 2010, up from 265,000 in 2009. During the first quarter of 2011, immigration dropped to about 63,000,

Latin America: Haiti, Brazil, China
Haiti. Haiti suffered a severe earthquake January 12, 2010 that caused over 300,000 deaths. Some Haitians moved to the neighboring Dominican


China: Migrants; Hong Kong: Maids
China's household registration or hukou system generally requires residents to obtain public services in the city or village in which they are

Japan, Korea
Japan's 2.2 million foreign residents in 2010 were 1.7 percent of Japan's 127 million residents. Almost a third of Japan's foreign residents are

Southeast Asia
ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan said in a July 2011 interview that ASEAN's 10-member nations want more economic integration by 2015, but not a

South Asia, Middle East
India sent 610,300 migrant workers abroad in 2009, Bangladesh 465,000; Pakistan 403,500; Nepal 298,100; and Sri Lanka 247,100. Bangladesh. The

Middle East
Saudi Arabia in September 2011 stepped up efforts to replace migrant workers with Saudis, a process known as Saudization or Nitaqat to reduce the


EU: Population, Immigration
The EU's 27-member nations had 501 million residents in 2010 and are projected to have a peak 521 million residents in 2035. About 2.6 percent of EU

UK: Migration, Asylum
The UK population increased by 470,000 in 2009-10 to 62.3 million, with net migration accounting for half of the increase. Work and Pensions

France, Germany
France. A French court in September 2011 levied the first fines on women who wore niqabs in public, full face veils that leave only slits for the

Southern Europe
Italy. Italy added 344,000 foreigners to its population in 2010, so that there were about 4.2 million foreigners among Italy's 60 million residents.

Norway, Russia
Norway. A fundamentalist Christian reportedly obsessed with multiculturalism and Muslim immigration, Anders Behring Breivik, killed over 70 people


Australia: Asylum, Immigration
Australia and Malaysia in July 2011 signed an agreement under which up to 800 migrants who arrive illegally in Australia by boat after July 28, 2011

Africa: Libya, AMU
Libya. The 2.5 million migrants in Libya before a civil war broke out in February 2011 were over a third of the 6.5 million residents. Almost

Global: Population, Remittances, ILO
Population. The world's population reached seven billion in October 2011, double the world's 3.5 billion people in 1967. The population growth rate

GFMD: Migration, Trade, and Development
The Global Forum for Migration and Development, launched after a 2006 discussion at the UN, aims to highlight best practices to protect migrants, to