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January 2012, Volume 19, Number 1

The Americas

Congress, States, Republicans
Congress. The House Judiciary Committee in September 2011 approved the Legal Workforce Act (HR 2885) to require all US employers to use E-Verify to

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS
Border. Apprehensions of foreigners just inside the 1,969-mile Mexico-US border fell to 327,600 in FY11, down from 1.6 million in FY00 and the

Labor, Mobility, H-1B, J-1
The US unemployment rate averaged nine percent in 2011, but fell to 8.5 percent in December 2011, as employers added 200,000 jobs. The number of

Mexico: Less Emigration
Net Mexico-US migration peaked at over 750,000 in 2000 and practically stopped in 2010, when an estimated 150,000 Mexicans moved to the US and about

Canada, Latin America
Canada admitted 280,700 immigrants in 2010, the most in 50 years. About two-thirds were admitted under the point selection system, which requires


China: Migrants
China is planning to update labor migration regulations to make it easier for foreign professionals to enter and to impose new penalties on

Japan, Korea
Japan had 2.2 million foreign residents at the end of 2010; they were 1.7 percent of Japan's 127 million residents. The March 11, 2011 earthquake

Southeast Asia
Cambodia. Cambodia, along with Jordan and Haiti, explicitly links exports with labor standards, with the ILO and buyers checking factories to monitor

South Asia
Bangladesh. Remittances reached a record $11 billion in 2010, sent home by some of the seven million Bangladeshis abroad. The World Bank expects

GCC: Kafala, UAE
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) includes the six countries of the Persian peninsula: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab


EU: Blue Cards, Economy
The EU Blue Card program allows EU member states to admit non-EU foreign professionals with a university degree or at least five years of work

UK: Population, Tiers
Opinion polls in Fall 2012 suggest that 70 percent of Britons want immigration reduced, in part to reduce population growth. The Office of National

France, Germany, Benelux
French leader Nicolas Sarkozy in December 2011 supported revising the Schengen free-movement zone. The Schengen agreement of 1985 dismantled border

Southern Europe
Greece. There are believed to be a million immigrants among the 11 million Greeks, including perhaps 600,000 Albanians and nationals of Asian and

Russia, Eastern Europe
Russia. Since 2005, Russian nationalists have used a November holiday to rally against the presence of foreigners in Russia and to call for an end


Australia: Asylum, Immigration
Australia continues to struggle with foreigners arriving by boat from Indonesia and seeking asylum. Ex-Prime Minister John Howard won re-election in

Global Population: 7 Billion, Refugees
The world's population reached seven billion on October 31, 2011; the world's population was six billion in 1999. The US Census Bureau estimates

Global: Diasporas, Remittances
Diasporas. The Economist praised "the magic of Diasporas" November 19, 2011, asserting that migration is beneficial to migrants as well as sending