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October 2012, Volume 19, Number 4

The Americas

DREAM, States, Elections
DREAM. President Obama ordered DHS to stop deporting unauthorized foreigners who arrived in the US before age 16, have lived illegally in the US at

DHS: Border, Interior
Border. The US Border Patrol apprehended 340,000 foreigners just inside US borders in FY11, including 96 percent apprehended on the Mexico-US border.

Labor, H-1B
US employers added more than 114,000 jobs in September 2012, and the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent. Job growth averaged 146,000 a month in

Foreign-Born, Ed, Health
The US had 40 million foreign-born residents in 2010, including 17 million who were naturalized US citizens, 12 million who were legal immigrants and

Canada, Mexico
Canada. Canada is an exception among the major immigration destinations. It has high levels of immigration, generous social welfare programs, and

Latin America: Migrants
The US is apprehending more Central Americans just inside the US border with Mexico. Net Mexico-US migration has slowed toward zero, as the number


China: Migrants
The number of rural-urban migrants appears to be stabilizing at 250 million. The National Bureau of Statistics reported 242 million migrants in 2010

Japan, Korea
The 2.2 million foreigners living in Japan are about 1.7 percent of the 127 million residents of Japan. About 1.2 million are considered to be

Southeast Asia
The 10-nation ASEAN plans a common market and freedom of movement by 2015. The main labor flows are from Burma, Cambodia and Laos to Thailand,

South Asia, Middle East
Bangladesh. Bangladesh hopes to resume the large-scale deployment of workers to Malaysia under a government-to-government agreement that would limit


EU: Migrants, Unemployment
Eurostat reported that 33.3 million foreign citizens lived in the EU-27 member states in 2011, including 12.8 million EU nationals living in another

UK: Migration, Students
Mark Harper replaced Damian Green as UK immigration minister on September 5, 2012. Green in August 2012 criticized the previous Labor government,

France, Germany
France. Roma from Eastern Europe travel to Western European countries each summer to fill casual jobs, beg and, in some cases, steal. France's

Southern Europe
Greece. Greek authorities in August 2012 rounded up 6,000 suspected illegal migrants in central Athens and detained 1,400. Public Order Minister

Denmark, Sweden, Russia
Denmark. Denmark has high income taxes and high barriers to immigrants. About 6.2 percent of Danish residents are immigrants, compared with an


Australia, New Zealand
Australia in August 2012 reverted to the previous Pacific Solution to deal with asylum seekers who arrive by boat from Indonesia. Afghanis, Sri

South Africa: Labor
The World Bank, in a July 2012 report, concluded that social mobility for many Africans is limited by poor schools and too few jobs. The inability

Global: Jobs, GFMD
The World Bank considers people to be poor if they have an income of $1.25 a day or less. The number of poor people so defined fell from 1.9 billion