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July 2013, Volume 20, Number 3

The Americas

Senate Approves S 744
A bipartisan group of eight senators introduced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S 744) in April

Immigration Reform: House, States
Majority House Republicans in mid-July 2013 said they would not take up S 744 because they did not trust the Obama administration to secure the

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS, DACA
Border. The number of unauthorized foreigners apprehended just inside US borders rose in 2013, suggesting that about 380,000 will be apprehended in

Jobs, Foreign-Born, H-1B
The US economy continued to create jobs; June 2013 marked the 33rd consecutive month of job gains, and the unemployment rate was stable at 7.6

Canada, Mexico
Canada in 2011 had 6.8 million foreign-born residents, making almost 21 percent of the 33 million Canadian residents immigrants. Of the 1.2 million


China: Migrants, Graduates
China's labor force, which peaked at 940 million in 2011, fell to 937 million in 2012. The end of "surplus rural labor" has begun to push up wages.

Japan, Korea
Japan. Fewer than two percent of Japan's residents are foreigners. In summer 2012, the government introduced a point system that allows foreigners

Southeast Asia
Burma. The Burmese government temporarily halted the deployment of migrant workers to Malaysia after Burmese migrants were assaulted in Kuala Lumpur.

South Asia: Migrants
Bangladesh. Almost 2,000 Bangladeshis a day leave for overseas jobs, 608,000 in 2012. Many leave in debt to moneylenders who lent money to pay

GCC: Nitaqat and Kafala
The Saudi government in summer 2013 launched a new crackdown on unauthorized foreigners, targeting workers in the 250,000 mostly small and


EU: Migration, Borders
The European Commission in April 2013 unveiled plans to make it easier for EU nationals to seek jobs in other EU member states. The Commission wants

UK: Migrants
The populist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which calls for Britain to leave the European Union and to control immigration strictly, won

France, Germany, Switzerland
France. Former prime minister Francois Fillon in June 2013 said that France has too many migrants and that the country is "unable to accept, in

Southern Europe
Greece. At least 10 percent of the 11 million residents of Greece are foreigners and, with over 25 percent unemployment, there have been attacks on

Northern Europe, Russia
Sweden. Immigrant youth in Stockholm suburbs protested the May 13, 2013 shooting by police of a 69-year old Portuguese man in Husby who was wielding


Australia, New Zealand
Australia's population, which is growing by 1.7 percent a year, surpassed 23 million in April 2013; Australia has the fastest-growing population

Africa: Maghreb, Migrants
The North African Maghreb countries of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are closely connected to France, the major destinations of their emigrants.

Global: Remittances, MGDs
Remittances. Remittances to developing countries, the portion of migrant incomes that are sent home, were $401 billion in 2012, and are projected to