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January 2014, Volume 21, Number 1

The Americas

Immigration Reform Stalls
Immigration reform took a back seat to other issues in Fall 2013, including the federal budget for 2014, the government debt ceiling, and the

DHS: Border, Interior, USCIS
CBP. The US Border Patrol apprehended 420,000 unauthorized foreigners just inside US borders in FY13, representing 320,000 to 330,000 unique

Labor, H-1B
Despite faster private-sector growth, the unemployment rate remained at or above seven percent in Fall 2013, while the private sector added over

Canada, Mexico, NAFTA
NAFTA celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 1, 2014. Mexico was the major beneficiary of the integration of Canada, Mexico and the US. The

Caribbean: Dominican Republic-Haiti
Dominican Republic-Haiti. The Dominican Republic's Constitutional Court in September 2013 reaffirmed a 2005 ruling that children born to unauthorized


China: Land, Hukou
China's Development Research Center in October 2013 proposed major economic reforms, including giving farmers the right to sell their land or to

Japan, Korea
Japan in May 2012 introduced a point system to select highly-skilled foreign professionals based on Australia's selection system. Foreigners who

Southeast Asia
Burma. The government announced that it would begin issuing ordinary red-cover passports to its citizens in Thailand rather than temporary passports

South Asia, Middle East
Bangladesh. The deployment of migrants fell in 2013 to about 405,000, compared with almost 608,000 in 2012 and over 800,000 in 2008. Private


EU: Lampedusa, Jobs
EU leaders in October 2013, responding to a surge in asylum seekers leaving Libya and Tunisia for the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, agreed to

UK: Migrants
There were 56 million British-born and eight million foreign-born residents of Britain in 2011, making migrants 13 percent of residents. The leading

France, Germany, Benelux
France. There were protests in France in October 2013 after police removed a 15-year old girl from a school bus and deported her with her family to

Southern Europe
Migrants from Africa leave in boats from Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey to reach Greece, Italy and Spain and, after applying for asylum, fan out

Russia, Eastern Europe
Moscow. The killing of a young ethnic Russian in the Biryulvoyovo area of southern Moscow in October 2013 was blamed on a migrant worker from


Australia, New Zealand
The Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement has since 1973 allowed citizens of Australia and New Zealand to move freely between the two countries. Most of

Africa and Latin America
Africa with 1.1 billion people in 2013, had almost twice the population of Latin America, which had 600 million. Both continents have population

HLD: Migration Costs
The UN's second High-Level Dialogue (HLD) on migration and development October 3-4, 2013 featured four roundtables that dealt with: 1) the effects of

Employment, Trade
The ILO's Global Employment 2013 report distributed the world's 3.3 billion workers by sector. Tables A10-A11 estimated that 1.1 billion workers or