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November 2018

Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program

Australia's hired horticultural workforce includes mostly legal temporary and unauthorized foreign workers. However, fewer than 10 percent of horticultural workers are guest workers admitted after employers test the labor market for local workers. This makes Australia different from Canada, New Zealand, and the US, where most temporary foreign workers are admitted only after farm employers try and fail to recruit local workers under government supervision.

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Central American Migrant Caravans

Several thousand Hondurans in October 2018 left San Pedro Sula to travel through Guatemala and Mexico to the US to apply for asylum. As they moved north, President Trump threatened to cut off aid to Honduras and to tear up the new USMCA trade agreement if Mexico did not prevent their transit. Trump said that border security is "far more important" to him than USMCA, the successor to NAFTA.

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Temporary Foreign Worker or Guest Worker Programs

Circular or temporary labor migration programs (TLMPs), also known as "guestworker" programs, aim to add workers temporarily to a country's labor force without adding permanent immigrants to its population. Many countries richer than their neighbors operate TLMPs. Some have multiple programs, including programs for seasonal workers, youth and students, and skilled workers and professionals.

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