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June 2018

Recruiters or Merchants of Labor

Workers employed temporarily away from "home" often rely on private and for-profit recruiters to help them find jobs. Regulating these merchants of labor is problematic, in part because the ILO and other UN agencies believe that governments should provide no-cost job matching services for workers seeking jobs and employers seeking workers. ILO conventions call on employers seeking foreign workers to pay all recruitment costs.

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ICE Increases Employer Investigations and I-9 Audits

DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has increased investigations of employers suspected of hiring unauthorized workers. ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations division opened over 3,500 workplace investigations in the first seven months of FY18, and plans to open 5,500 investigations before FY18 ends September 30, 2018.

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Spanish Agriculture

Spain has the fourth largest agricultural sector in the EU, producing farm goods worth E47 billion in 2016 or 12 percent of the EU’s E405 billion in farm sales.

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World Wine Production and Consumption in 2017

The Paris-based OIV reported that global wine production was 250 million hectoliters in 2017, down almost 10 percent from 2016 due to poor weather in the EU, which produced 141 million hectoliters or 56 percent of the world’s wine ( A hectoliter is 100 liters, 26.4 gallons, or 133 bottles, so world wine production was 6.6 billion gallons.

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