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August 2018

Agroparks and Mexican FVH Exports

About half of US fresh fruit (53 percent in 2017) and almost a third of US fresh vegetables (31 percent in 2017) are imported. Mexico supplied 48 percent of the imported fresh fruit and 68 percent of the imported fresh vegetables in 2017. The US imported $11.6 billion worth of fresh produce from Mexico in 2017, including 53 percent fruit and 47 percent vegetables.

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French Agriculture

France has the largest agricultural sector in the EU, producing farm commodities worth E70 billion in 2016, a sixth of the EU’s farm sales of E405 billion. The next leading farm countries were Italy and Germany, with farm sales of E53 billion each, followed by Spain E47 billion, and the UK and the Netherlands, E27 billion each.

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Whither California?

California has an eighth of Americans and state GDP of $2.7 trillion, making its economy equivalent to the world»s fifth largest, after the US, China, Japan, and Germany. California attracts risk takers who have developed agriculture, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and its future orientation prompted Poet Richard Armour to write that "What California is today, the rest will be tomorrow."

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California's Wildfires

California is having its worst fire season in a decade: 16 major fires were being fought by 14,000 firefighters in August 2018. The Mendocino Complex fire near Clear Lake was the largest in the state’s history, surpassing the 282,000 acres that burned in the Thomas Fire in Ventura county in 2017. The Carr fire near Redding generated a whirl or fire tornado with winds of over 140 miles per hour that wrapped fences around tree stumps.

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