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December 2019

USDA’s Farm Labor Survey

USDA’s Farm Labor Survey surveys farmers twice a year to obtain estimates of employment and average hourly earnings for workers who are hired directly by farm operators. Data are collected for the week that includes the 12th of the month, and reported for 15 multistate regions and three states, California, Florida, and Hawaii. Data for January and April are collected in April, and data for July and October are collected in October.

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UFW and FLOC: Income and Members

There are two major US farm worker unions, the UFW in California and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee in Ohio and North Carolina. The UFW reported 7,481 members in 2018 who could vote, and 1,213 retired members and 371 agency payers who could not vote on union issues. The UFW reported about 5,000 members to DOL until 2013, 10,000 in 2013, and less than 8,000 in recent years.

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US admitted a third of the 5 million temporary workers in 20 OECD countries in 2017

The OECD reported that almost five million temporary foreign workers entered 20 OECD countries in 2017, including a third who entered the US. The OECD counts foreigners who have the right to work in the host country, but not the right to settle. However, some temporary migrant workers “earn” settlement rights, as when their employers sponsor them for immigrant visas.

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