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April 2019

Central American Families and the Border Crisis

Almost 92,000 migrants were apprehended just inside the Mexico-US border in March 2019, including 58,000 Central American parents with children and 8,900 children traveling alone. Some 107,212 families were arrested just inside the Mexico-US border in FY18.

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Leading Wine Exporters to the US

Some 410 million cases of wine were sold in the US in 2018; each case is 2.4 gallons, and each gallon is five bottles. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and French Rosè were standout performers in 2018, with a growing volume sold at higher-than-average prices.

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Rural Labor Force Participation

The US labor force participation rate, the share of persons 16 and older who are employed or looking for work, peaked at 67 percent in early 2001 and has fallen to 63 percent. Slower labor force growth and lower labor force participation can translate into slower economic growth unless productivity rises to offset fewer workers.

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Who is Middle Class?

The US has no official definition of middle class. Most definitions of middle class are based on household income. The median US household income in 2016 was $53,000, meaning that half of US households had higher and half had lower incomes. The average household income was higher, $83,100, because of high-income households.

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