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August 2019

Climate Change, Land, and Food Production

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report in August 2019 warning that the overexploitation of farm land and water resources threatens the world’s food supply. The report estimated that 500 million people currently live in places that are turning into desert, and that soil is being lost at a rate 10 to 100 times faster than it is forming.

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Mexico-US Trade Tops $671 billion in 2018

Mexico-US trade expanded over the past quarter century, from $100 billion in 1993 to $671 billion in 2018. US imports from Mexico are over $1 billion a day or $372 billion in 2018, and US exports to Mexico are almost $1 billion a day or $299 billion in 2018. The US runs a trade deficit with Mexico, about $73 billion in 2018.

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Major Influences Shaping the US Labor Market

Three major influences are shaping the US labor market, including a slower-growing, aging, and more diverse labor force, automation that eliminates manual and repetitive jobs, and fewer lasting ties between employers and workers. The US population is projected to increase to 440 million in 2050, when there are projected to be 185 million white non-Hispanic residents, 100 million Hispanics, 55 million Blacks, and 35 million Asians.

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The Future of Work

Work is central to life. Time is the major asset of most of the workers, and earning wages while using time to work is the major source of income for most families. The world’s labor force of 3.6 billion increases by 40 million a year, half the 80 million a year increase in the global population. Almost all labor force growth is in developing countries.

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