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August 2021

Alaska: Ag and Fisheries

Alaska is a state of contrasts and superlatives. Alaska is the largest US state in size but one of the smallest in population, with 733,000 residents in 663,267 square miles, 1.1 people per square mile, while Manhattan has 1.6 million residents in 23 square miles or 70,000 people per square mile. With Alaska’s population density, Manhattan would have 25 people.

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ILO: 169 million migrant workers in 2019

The UN estimated 272 million international migrants in 2019, including 245 million who were 15 and older. The ILO estimated that 169 million of the 15+ migrants, 69 percent, were in the labor force of the countries to which they moved, up from 150 million migrant workers in 2013, suggesting an average increase of three million migrant workers a year.

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