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October 2023

ANZ: Migrants and Sending Countries

Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) recruit seasonal farm workers in Pacific Island Countries (PICs) whose populations range from less than 25,000 to almost 10 million. These farm guest worker programs aim for win-win outcomes, viz, filling vacant jobs in ANZ and generating higher incomes for migrant workers that benefit migrant families and home communities and countries.

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CA Farm Employment: Growing and Less Seasonal

Employment in California agriculture (NAICS 11) averaged 404,000 in 2020, 10 percent more than average agricultural employment of 367,000 in 1990. Seasonality, as measured by the peak-trough ratio or peak-month employment divided by trough-month employment, fell 22 percent over three decades, from 1.8 in 1990 to 1.4 in 2020.

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AEWRs, Piece Rates, and H-2As

The H-2A program allows farmers who anticipate labor shortages to be certified by DOL to recruit and employ H-2A workers to fill seasonal jobs that generally last up to 10 months. Farmers must offer and pay the highest of four wages to H-2A workers and US workers in corresponding employment, the federal or state minimum wage, the Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR), the prevailing wage rate (PWR), or the wage negotiated in a collective bargaining agreement.

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