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January 2001, Volume 7, Number 1


The United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1096 lost an election at Boskovich Farms in Oxnard on a 19-3 vote in November 2000.

NLRB. Teamsters Local 890 called a strike against Basic Vegetable Products in July 1999, and most of the 750 workers went on strike. Basic hired permanent replacement workers, and the Teamsters launched a boycott of Basic products, which include dehydrated onions and garlic as well as instant mashed potatoes made by sister company Basic American. Gilroy Foods bought Basic Vegetables in Fall 2000.

The Teamsters persuaded 17 cities and school districts not to purchase Basic products during the strike, and the Teamsters are pressing the state to join the boycott. The Legislature in Summer 2000 passed resolutions urging state agencies to boycott Basic. Basic was founded by Jaquelin Hume of San Francisco, and is run by his son, William "Jerry" Hume, who is linked to the Foundation for Teaching Economics.

In October 1999, 41 workers at Boghosian Raisin Packing Co in Fowler went on strike, but Teamsters Local 616, because of a clerical error, did not notify the Federal Conciliation and Mediation Service, making the strike illegal. Fowler fired the workers for engaging in an illegal strike, and an Administrative Law Judge of the National Labor Relations Board upheld the firings in November 2000.

Some of the fired workers, who were earning about $10 an hour, sued their union, saying that Local 616 threatened them with fines of $200 a day if they did not go on strike.